Your question: How do you get the Instagram logo?

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Instagram has added a load of Easter Eggs to the app, including the icon change. Not only can you get the original icon but you can also get a gold icon, black icon and a pride icon that’s in rainbow stripes.

The new Instagram logo depicts a camera, but in the most minimal way, with just a square, a circle, and a dot. However, true to the first logo, it’s not a contemporary camera—it’s an old, 1970s or 80s, Polaroid-type camera, carrying connotations of nostalgia, childhood, family photos, and so on.

Can you still change your Instagram icon 2021?

Yes! There is an option to change the Instagram icon on your phone. It is really exciting to know that Instagram has come up with a cool update to change the Instagram app icon, You would now be able to change the Instagram icon on iPhone and Android to seem as though one of the first icon going right back to 2010.

What is bell icon in Instagram?

What does the bell icon of someone’s Instagram profile denote? – Quora. It is a notification icon. If you hit that on an account it means you have subscribed for all the notifications for that particular account and you will be notified for every future post on that particular account.

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