Your question: How can I save someone else’s tweet?

Click on the option ‘More’, then click on ‘settings and privacy’ Now under the ‘Your Account’ section, click on ‘Download an archive of your data’ Now click on the request archive option.

Can you export someones tweets?

Twitter Export Tweets is your go-to scraper when needing to download all the Tweets posted by any account on Twitter. Scraping Tweets allows you to save every Tweets displayed in the feed of one or many Twitter users. Export these Tweets to a Google or Excel and save anyone’s tweets in one single file in minutes.

Can you pin someone elses Tweet?

Can you pin someone else’s tweet? Yes, you can pin someone else’s tweet as well as a retweet done by them.

How many tweets can you Download?

(All should allow you to export reports or analysis.) For most platforms, export is limited to 50,000 tweets per day.

How do you embed a tweet?

How to embed a tweet using the Twitter website

  1. Open Twitter in a web browser, log in if necessary, and find the tweet you want to embed.
  2. Click the three dots at the top right of the tweet.
  3. In the dropdown menu, choose “Embed Tweet.”
  4. The Twitter Publish page should appear. …
  5. When you’re done, click “Update.”

How far back can you see tweets?

Unfortunately, Twitter only displays your last 3200 tweets in your timeline, so if you’re anything like me (I’ve been on Twitter since May 2009 and have well over 40,000 tweets), that won’t cut it.

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Why can’t I see my old tweets?

If you deleted a lot Tweets because you wanted a fresh start on Twitter, read about how to delete multiple Tweets. Tweets more than a week old may fail to display in timelines or search because of indexing capacity restrictions. Old Tweets are never lost, but cannot always be displayed.

Why don’t I see tweets from everyone I follow?

Select the icon of your profile pic, located at the upper-right portion of the screen, then choose “Settings and privacy“. Scroll down to the “Content” section. Check or uncheck the “Show the best Tweets first” option as you desire.

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