You asked: Who has highest live watching on YouTube?

What is the most watched live stream?

The FIFA World Cup has attracted an average of 3.2 billion viewers in 2010 and 2014, making it the most-watched overall live event by average on television worldwide in the 21st century.

What is the highest live watching on YouTube in India?

Humpty the train on a fruits ride by Kiddiestv Hindi became the first Hindi video on YouTube to cross 1 Billion views on 26 December 2019 and is the most viewed Hindi video on YouTube.

Who is the richest streamer?


Rank Streamer Tier 3 ($24.99)
1 Nickmercs 13,513
2 Tfue 3,486
3 TimTheTatman 1,840
4 DrDisrespect 1,679

What is BTS most Vlive?

BTS’s Jungkook now holds the perfect all-kill record on Vlive: the Most-Viewed, Most-Commented, and Most-Liked Real-Time Vlive. Jungkook’s recent VLIVE broke the record of being the MOST Commented Real-time VLIVE of all time with over 31.16M comments.

How many Indian rupees YouTube 1000 views?

Making Youtube videos; Potential earnings : Rs 200-300 per 1,000 views.

Who is the richest Youtuber?

Top 10 richest YouTubers in India and how much they earn in…

  • Carry Minati has net worth of USD 4 million. …
  • Amit Bhadana has net worth of USD 6.3 million. …
  • Bhuvan Bam has net worth of USD 3 million. …
  • Ashish Chanchlani has net worth of USD 4 million. …
  • Gaurav Chaudhary has net worth of USD 45 million.
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What is the fastest video to reach 1 billion views?

Daddy Yankee” in terms of total views, Adele’s record for fastest video release to generate one billion views still stands as of April 2019.

Fastest viral videos to reach 1 billion YouTube streams as of February 2021 (in days)

Artist: Song (release date) Days needed to reach 1 billion views

Who Is Highest Paid Gamer 2021?

Top Players of 2021

Player ID Total (Overall)
1. XiaoPang $685,027.78
2. Fly $832,923.35
3. 1dao $662,514.13
4. fanfan $649,152.00
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