You asked: How do I permanently delete YouTube comments?

How do you permanently delete a comment?

To delete a single comment in the document, right-click the comment, and choose Delete Comment. To delete all the comments in the document, go to the Review tab, click the down-arrow on Delete, and choose Delete All Comments in Document.

Why can’t I delete my comment on YouTube?

Only if it’s on your video. If it’s on someone else’s video, you can’t do anything about it. You can report a comment and if it breaks the rules, YouTube will delete it.

Why do my YouTube comments disappear?

It could be that your comments contain words the channel owner has blacklisted, this means your comment will be sent to their review folder. Do your comments contain links or hashtags? If so it could be that they have set their channel to hold such comments for review, and so your comment goes to their review folder.

Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

You can’t delete someone else’s comment on someone else’s post, and you can’t delete someone else’s post on their own wall or someone else’s wall. You can delete a comment posted by someone in a Facebook Group or Page that you manage. The process is identical to deleting someone’s comment on your personal wall.

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Does YouTube delete comments with links?

The only comments with links allowed from now on will be from you, moderators, and approved users. Messages from live chats with URLs will also be deleted. Comments with hashtags and links will be available on the Comments page under Held for review. They will be there for 60 days and then will be deleted.

Does YouTube tell you when your comment is deleted?

No you do not get notified as it is their channel therefore they do not need to notify you or give permission to you after it is deleted.

How do you delete old comments on YouTube Mobile?

Navigate to the “Comments” tab. This will bring up your entire comment history. You can delete any or all comments by using the drop down menu at the right side of each comment and clicking delete. This will engage a confirmation prompt asking if you really want to delete the comment.

Does deleting your YouTube account delete comments?

All your comments and replies will be permanently deleted. Your account data on other Google properties will not be removed. If you want to make your content viewable to others, or if you want to upload, comment, or use playlists, you can re-enable the channel.

What happened to YouTube comment history?

On the top left corner, click on the “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines) to launch the YouTube options menu. From the options menu, select “History.” In the “MANAGE ALL HISTORY” section, select “Comments.” You’ll see a list of all the comments you’ve posted, starting with the most recent one.

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Should you delete mean comments?

Negative comments or criticism should not be deleted from your social media channels, while unacceptable comments and remarks need to be – and it is very important that you give your fans and customers a clear definition of what unacceptable means to your organization, as well as the consequences for not following …

Can you delete negative comments on YouTube?

If you think that the comment cannot be resolved, you can easily delete it. Click on the three dots next to the comment and select “remove” from the drown down menu. Deleting a comment will delete the entire thread along with all the replies to the comment.

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