You asked: Can you stop someone from retweeting your tweets?

Check the “Interactions” section to learn which recent tweets have been retweeted and the users who did the retweeting. … Visit the particular user’s profile page and click the “person” icon to access a drop-down options menu. Select “Turn off Retweets.” There is no option for turning off retweets for all users at once.

How do you block someone from retweeting your tweets?

How do I turn Retweets off? You can turn off Retweets for a specific account if you don’t like what they share. Select Turn off Retweets from an account profile page to stop seeing Tweets they’ve Retweeted (tap the gear icon on iOS or click or tap the overflow icon on web and Android).

What do you do when someone retweets your tweet?

6 Ideas on Saying Thank You for a Retweet

  1. Follow the User. If they took the time to share your content, check their profile to see if they’re a good follow and then follow them!
  2. Reciprocate with a RT. …
  3. Add the User to a List. …
  4. Retweet the Retweet. …
  5. Reply to the @Mention. …
  6. Create a Group Mention.

Can you hide tweets from someone without blocking?

Mute is a feature that allows you to remove an account’s Tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account. Muted accounts will not know that you’ve muted them and you can unmute them at any time.

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Can someone see your tweets if you mute them?

A blocked user can never see your profile unless they log out and use a different account. A muted user sees everything you tweet or retweet. On the other hand, you do not see their posts on your feed. They can still message you, retweet, and favorite and quote your tweets.

What is the benefit of retweeting?

It helps your followers.

Tweeting and retweeting interesting and valuable content from social media influencers helps those who follow you. When you help your follows discover new knowledge and information, you become a valued information source and build trust.

Should I thank people for retweets?

There are two core benefits of retweet thank you’s that help you build relationships: It brings a conversational aspect to your tweets. It builds loyalty and a relationship with your followers.

What happens if you mute someone on Twitter?

When you mute someone on Twitter, their tweets will stop showing up on your feed, but they won’t be notified that you’ve muted them. You can mute someone when you want to minimize your exposure to a certain person’s tweets but still keep a friendly relationship with the person.

How do you know if someone has muted you on Twitter?

Open up Tweetdeck and make a “Home” column for the person you suspect has muted you. If you don’t appear in there, then you’re muted — you can do a tweet to be sure. If you want to see whether other people have muted you, then you’ll have to go into Tweetdeck and create a new Home column for each person.

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