Why does YouTube pause every few seconds?

Try different browsers. If YouTube videos stop playing after a few seconds in Google Chrome, try Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. … Clear cookies, cache, history, temp files and disable your firewall to see if the “YouTube videos pause/freeze” problem is still there.

Why does YouTube keep pausing for no reason?

If you’re experiencing issues with constant pausing of YouTube videos, the most likely explanation is that your Internet connection isn’t fast enough to keep up with the demands of streaming video at the selected quality.

Why is my video pausing every few seconds?

The #1 cause: your internet connection

By far, the single biggest reason for videos pausing periodically while playing is the speed of your internet connection. Or rather the lack of speed. Videos use a lot of data, and it has to be transferred fast enough for the video to play smoothly.

Why does my YouTube randomly freeze?

YouTube’s freezes can also be due to conflicting extensions. So, turning off all of Chrome’s extensions might resolve the issue. Users can quickly disable all extensions by resetting Chrome, which will also clear the browser’s data.

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Why does my TV pause randomly?

General pixilation and freezing occurs when there is a disruption in the TV signal, or there is a weak signal altogether. Check your connections: … Wait for the signal to initialize. Make sure all cables connected on the set-top box and your TV are secure.

Why does my Iphone keep pausing videos?

Restart your iOS device, Apple Watch, or Apple TV. Then open the app to see if it works as expected. Make sure that your device has the latest version of iOS, watchOS, or tvOS. Then check for app updates.

Why does my phone randomly pause videos?

There are many factors involved one of which is buffering. If data is coming in too slowly then your system will pause until there is again enough data to process. I.e., play music, continue YouTube video. Try turning off/disabling any background processes or applications.

Why is my movie keep pausing?

Poor video quality and buffering during movie streaming are usually the result of a slow Internet connection and/or a computer’s or device’s processing speed. … Pause the video a few minutes to allow buffering. If you’re on a laptop that’s using battery power, adjust your battery settings for higher performance.

Why does my streaming keep pausing?

Internet buffering problems are usually caused by one of three issues. Your internet connection is too slow to keep up with the incoming data. The streaming provider can’t send your device the data it needs fast enough. Your home Wi-Fi network is slowing things down.

How do I turn auto pause off?

Enable/Disable the Auto Pause Feature

  1. Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Auto Pause”
  3. Toggle the Auto Pause on or off.
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How do I turn off auto pause on YouTube Mobile?

1 Answer. unfortunately, there isn’t such a setting do disable this future on mobile. it has to do with “auto-focusing-on-active-app”.

How do I stop YouTube from pausing on my Iphone?

How to Stop YouTube From Pausing Music on Mobiles:

  1. Restart the YouTube application.
  2. Restart your mobile device.
  3. Turn off your cellular data and then turn it on again.
  4. Clean out your YouTube app cache.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app.
  6. Upgrade to the most recent Android version.

Why do my YouTube videos freeze but audio still plays?

Perhaps the web browser you are using is incompatible with the YouTube web player. … You can download a different browser from its official website, and install it on your computer. Then play a YouTube video on that browser and see if this fixes your “YouTube video freezes audio continues” problem.

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