What’s wrong with YouTube recommendations?

Without any history, the YouTube recommendation algorithm won’t know what you’ve watched in the past. As a side bonus, deleting your YouTube logs also deletes all those “guilty pleasure” video searches you don’t want to become public.

Why are YouTube recommendations so bad now?

“It isn’t inherently awful that YouTube uses AI to recommend video for you, because if the AI is well tuned it can help you get what you want. … “But the problem is that the AI isn’t built to help you get what you want — it’s built to get you addicted to YouTube. Recommendations were designed to waste your time.”

What happened to my YouTube suggestions?

YouTube users have taken it to Twitter to express concerns over the sudden disappearance of the recommended videos section and the comment section. According to the YouTube developer team, the unexpected technical difficulties were caused by a bug, and as such, they should be fixed soon.

How do I get rid of don’t recommend channels on YouTube?

As you browse through content on the Home Page of the YouTube Mobile App, tap the three dots button to the right, and you’ll be presented with this new option, ‘Don’t Recommend Channel. If you change your mind, tap on the ‘Undo’ option.

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How do you reset YouTube to default?

Choose default upload settings

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings.
  3. Select Upload defaults.
  4. Choose your default settings in the Basic info and Advanced settings tabs.
  5. Select Save.

What is the best video setting for YouTube?

The Best Upload Settings for Youtube

  • File Format: MP4.
  • Recommended Resolution: 1920×1080 – 1080p.
  • Recommended Frame Rate: Use the same frame rate as the original recording.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
  • Recommended Codec: H. 264.
  • Bitrate: (Depends on Codec and resolution) 15-20 Mbps works well for H. 264.

Why does YouTube always recommend the same videos?

As mentioned by others already, YouTube has publicly announced they’ll recommend videos you’ve already watched because it’s highly likely you’ll watch it again.

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