What is twitter cortex?

Cortex is a group of researchers, engineers and scientists working together to build state of the art machine learning technologies within Twitter. Twitter is what’s happening in the world right now and operating at such a global scale brings massive research and engineering challenges.

How does Twitter use machine learning?

Machine learning enables Twitter to drive engagement, surface content most relevant to our users, and promote healthier conversations. … Indeed, Twitter handles large amounts of data and custom data formats. Twitter has a specific infrastructure stack, latency constraints, and a large request volume.

Is a Cortex?

In anatomy and zoology, the cortex (plural cortices) is the outermost (or superficial) layer of an organ. Organs with well-defined cortical layers include kidneys, adrenal glands, ovaries, the thymus, and portions of the brain, including the cerebral cortex, the best-known of all cortices.

How does Twitter algorithm work?

Top Tweets

The algorithm is based on the popularity and relevance of tweets. Because of the number of tweets published at any given point, Twitter news feed algorithms like this were created to keep users from getting overwhelmed and to help them say abreast of content that they truly care about.

Does Twitter use neural networks?

Three neural networks are developed to learn SSWE. The learned word embedding is then used to generate features for Twitter sentiment classification. … Recently, Severyn and Moschitti (2015) used a deep learning approach to classify tweets at both document and phrase levels, based on convolutional neural networks.

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How do you rank on Twitter?

7 SEO Twitter Tips to Rank Better in Search

  1. Use Your Real Name Wisely. …
  2. Make Your Username Count. …
  3. Focus on Your Bio Next. …
  4. Link, Link and Link Some More. …
  5. Get Followers, Build Recognition. …
  6. Stay Focused With Your Tweets. …
  7. Don’t Forget Your URL.

What is the job of the prefrontal cortex?

Cognitive Dysfunction

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) plays a central role in cognitive control functions, and dopamine in the PFC modulates cognitive control, thereby influencing attention, impulse inhibition, prospective memory, and cognitive flexibility.

Why is it called a cortex?

when used generally, the term cortex (which is Latin for “bark”) refers to the outermost layer of a structure. When referring to the brain, cortex most often refers to the cerebral cortex, although the cerebellum also has an outer layer called the cerebellar cortex.

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