What is the logo of Instagram in 2010?

2010. The original Instagram logo was designed by the company co-founder, Kevin Systrom. There was a knock-off Polaroid camera with a rainbow stripe. As the project was originally used for taking and sharing photos (as well as applying filters), the design choice looked pretty natural.

What did the Instagram logo look like in 2010?

The Instagram logo of 2010 was more neutral-toned and looked more like a camera. And the Instagram typeface at the top of the app was slightly different than it is today.

What is the logo of Instagram?

The new Instagram logo depicts a camera, but in the most minimal way, with just a square, a circle, and a dot. However, true to the first logo, it’s not a contemporary camera—it’s an old, 1970s or 80s, Polaroid-type camera, carrying connotations of nostalgia, childhood, family photos, and so on.

WhatsApp logo was designed by Com and Acton at the initial stage of the app development. However, the design of the logo and the programming part could be outsourced to a third-party designer. The logo is unique and has not changed over time despite of changed owners.

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