What is the icon on the bottom left on Instagram?

Once you save your image, it will appear within the Instagram feed with a small person icon in the lower left corner that you can tap to see tags. I did note that an image I saved and tagged and shared to Facebook did not immediately post to Facebook.

How do you get the secret icon on Instagram?

All you have to do is make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app, and head over to your account Settings. There, pull down on that screen (a good pull, it puts up some resistance!) until the emoji pop up, and then you should be taken to the icon options menu — as shown in the video below.

What does the circle arrow mean on Instagram?

This symbol means that Instagram has verified the user’s identity and that what you are seeing is authentic content. Icons can be seen everywhere on Snapchat. Arrow Symbols.

What does the paper airplane mean on Instagram?

Users can share a post by clicking the “paper plane” icon, either through direct messages with friends, or to their Instagram Story. A shareable post can be anything posted to Instagram, including your own, from a hilarious meme to a news update to a cute pair of boots that someone wants to share with their friend.

What do the symbols on Instagram insights mean?

To see the extended detail version simply swipe up. SUMMARY OF SYMBOLS. The love heart your post total likes, the speech bubble amount of comments on the photo, the arrow indicate how many times the post has been shared and bookmark shows how many times the image has been saved.

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