What happens if I delete a Facebook group chat?

By permanently deleting a group chat, you will no longer be able to view it as well as the conversations in it. The same goes for everyone else who used to be included in that group.

Does deleting a group chat remove you from it?

When you delete a group, you’ll no longer see the group in your chats list and the chat history will be erased from your phone. Other participants will still see the group in their chats list. However, no one will be able to send messages.

Can you delete a Facebook Messenger group?

Facebook doesn’t let you fully delete a Messenger group chat from everyone’s account, but you can deactivate it — effectively closing the group chat.

When you delete a Facebook conversation can the other person still see it?

Messages that have already been sent cannot be unsent or removed from the recipients inbox. If you delete a message or conversation on your end, this means it will still be available on the recipients account unless they delete it themselves.

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How do you permanently delete a group chat?

As you may have already guessed it, go to the “Spam” tab. Find the group chat that you want to delete and open it. There should be an option at the bottom that will ask you to delete or to leave. Make sure that you choose “Delete”.

How do I permanently delete a Facebook group?

How do I delete a Facebook group that I admin?

  1. Tap More > View Group Info > Members.
  2. Tap next to each member’s name except your own > Remove from Group.
  3. Tap Ok then select Leave Group next to your name once you’ve removed the other members.
  4. Tap Leave and Delete Group from the confirmation page.

How do I permanently delete my Facebook messages on both sides?

Steps to Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides

  1. On your phone, tap and hold the message you want to delete.
  2. Then select Remove.
  3. Tap the Unsend option when asked who you want to remove the message for.
  4. Confirm your choice when prompted to do so.

How do you delete Messenger chats from everyone?

Open a conversation with messages you’d like to delete. Press and hold on a message, or select the three dots menu icon on desktop. Select “remove” next to the message. Select “remove for everyone” — that makes sure that the messages disappear from the inboxes of the people you sent them to, not just from your own.

How do I permanently delete Facebook messages from both sides after 10 minutes?

How to delete messages older than 10 minutes

  1. Go to the Facebook conversation you would like to delete from both sides.
  2. Click on the action gear icon and choose the Report Spam or Abuse option from the top pop-up menu that appears.
  3. You can either choose the option. …
  4. Click the continue button to proceed.
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Does Blocking someone on Facebook delete messages?

If you choose to block one of your Facebook friends, messages you sent to the blocked friend will still appear in your Messages folder. You can, however, manually delete messages you previously sent to this blocked Facebook friend.

Does FB keep deleted messages?

Before You Proceed: Remember Facebook stores all your deleted data for up to 90 days. If you try recovering messages after this duration, the chances of restoring deleted messages are quite thin. For more help, you can always visit their Messenger Help Center.

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