What does FFG mean on Facebook?

What does FFG stand for?

Acronym. Definition. FFG. Fantasy Flight Games (Roseville, MN)

What does FFGS stand for?

Flash Flood Guidance System with Global Coverage (FFGS) | World Meteorological Organization.

What Iys mean in texting?

5) IYS — In Your Service.

How many frigates does Navy have?

When a crisis occurred almost anywhere in the world during the Cold War era, U.S. officials often would ask, “Where are the carriers?” Today some officials are asking, “Where are the frigates?” The U.S. Navy currently has 18 frigates in service.

Does the US Navy have any frigates?

They are cheaper but of more limited capability than destroyers. The last active class of frigates in the US Navy was the Oliver Hazard Perry class, decommissioned in September 2015, leaving the navy no active frigates.

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