What are twitter stories called?

Twitter Has Stories Now And They’re Called ‘Fleets’

Does Twitter have a story feature?

The feature lets Twitter users post full-screen photos, videos, reactions to tweets or plain text that disappears after 24 hours.

Why is it called fleets on twitter?

Called fleets because they were fleeting, the word is also a brand name for an enema — something many people pointed out on Twitter when the feature launched. Get a head start on the morning’s top stories.

How can I see someone’s story on Twitter without them knowing?

Step #1: Check the Twitter Fleet you want to view anonymously and tap on another Fleet next to the actual one. Step #2: Tap on the Fleet to pause it, and slowly swipe it to the Fleet’s direction that you want to view without seen.

Is Twitter discontinuing fleets?

Twitter Fleets will no longer be available from August 3 onwards. The decision to discontinue Fleets was because it didn’t attract new users as expected. Twitter launched Fleets last year for people who are anxious about tweeting to still have a way to express themselves on the platform.

Can you see who views your Twitter fleet?

Fleet authors can see who views their Fleets, including accounts with protected Tweets, by clicking into their Fleets and tapping on the ‘Seen By’ text at the bottom.

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Are fleets like stories?

Twitter Fleets is an Instagram Stories-like ephemeral feature, that appears on the top of a user’s feed, and posts on it disappear in 24 hours. Twitter is removing Fleets.

Why is it called a fleet?

One meaning of fleet comes from the Old English fleot, meaning “ship,” “raft,” or “floating vessel.” Although a fleet is usually a group of ships or airplanes operating under the same ownership, any group of vessels sailing together can be called a fleet, even you and your friends in a fleet of kayaks.

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