What are the 46 states suing Facebook?

Forty-eight attorneys general across 46 states, the territory of Guam and the District of Columbia are behind the lawsuit, with only South Dakota, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia declining to join.

What states are part of the Facebook lawsuit?

The states’ lawsuit against Facebook involves D.C., Guam and every U.S. state except Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and South Dakota — all four of which are led by Republican attorneys general.

Which states didnt sue Facebook?

The antitrust suit is the most significant regulatory and legal challenge Facebook has ever faced. 46 states plus Washington D.C. and Guam joined the bipartisan lawsuit, leaving Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and South Dakota as the only states that didn’t sign on.

Is Facebook getting sued by 48 states?

U.S. District Judge James E. … New York Attorney General Letitia James led 48 states in separately suing Facebook for alleged antitrust violations in December, which Boasberg also dismissed Monday, saying the states waited too long to bring their case.

Who is suing Facebook?

On Wednesday social media influencer Justin Hart announced that he had filed a federal lawsuit against social media giants Facebook and Twitter, as well as against President Joe Biden, and the U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy for violating his First Amendment rights to free speech.

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Will Facebook be broken up?

Antitrust experts and Wall Street analysts say the U.S. faces long odds in its battle with Facebook, predicting that a breakup of the world’s largest social media company is highly unlikely. …

Can I sue Facebook for emotional distress?

Can I sue Facebook for posting it? No. … For example, if you had a significant number of business contacts on Facebook and Twitter, you could track and show a significant drop in business if those contacts thought the information was true. You might also be able to make a claim for emotional distress.

Can I sue Facebook for blocking me?

Yes you can sue.

Can I sue Facebook for privacy violation?

Suing Facebook — Civil Invasion of Privacy

If Facebook violates your private or intellectual property, you can file a lawsuit in court for compensation.

What happened Facebook lawsuit?

In February, a California federal judge issued final approval of the landmark settlement in a six-year-old case alleging the social media giant’s use of facial tagging features without consent was prohibited under Illinois privacy law.

Is Facebook being sued by the government?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an amended complaint against Facebook Thursday alleging the social media giant is a monopoly that has violated federal antitrust rules, after the court previously struck down the FTC’s first complaint against Facebook in June for not providing sufficient evidence to back up its …

What is Facebook being accused of?

The FTC has accused Facebook of breaking antitrust law by gobbling up many smaller social media startups and acquiring several large, well-established competitors, in what amounts to a concerted effort to build a social media monopoly.

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