Quick Answer: How many Facebook groups can you link to a page?

Your Page can be the admin of up to 200 groups. These groups are listed on your Page. Learn how to feature your Page on the linked group’s cover photo.

How do I link a page to a group?

Tap the Groups tab below your Page’s cover photo, if it’s visible. If it’s not visible, manage your Page’s tab and sections and then go back to your Page and tap the Groups tab. Tap Link your Group. Tap Link next to the group you want to link your Page to.

Can you link multiple groups to a Facebook page?

How To Connect More Facebook Pages Or Groups. After adding your first page, you can click Add a Page or Add a Group again to add more pages. … So if you want to add Pages or Groups that are connected to a different Facebook profile, you need to log out of Facebook first, and log in with the other Facebook profile.

Can you link 2 Facebook groups?

While you can’t merge the posts, photos or events from multiple groups, you can merge the members of multiple groups into one group, as long each member is on your friend’s list. Then, you’ll need to manually merge the content from the various groups into one.

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How do I add a group to my Facebook page?

To add the Groups tab, go to your Facebook page settings and click Edit Page in the left sidebar menu. Scroll to the bottom and click the Add a Tab button. Next, click the Add Tab button to the right of the Groups tab. You can then click the Groups tab in the left sidebar of your page to see your linked groups listed.

Can I post in a group as a page?

NOTE: You need to be a full Admin on both the Page and the Group. Therefore a Page cannot post to an existing Group unless the Admin linking the Group to the Page is also an Admin of the Group.

What happens when you link Facebook groups?

When you link your group to your page, you group members will see a post in your group to get informed.

Can I make 2 pages on Facebook?

According to Facebook’s terms, individuals are only allowed to have one account. Businesses can create two accounts by using business Pages instead. Use a single Facebook account to manage multiple Pages. … Third party Facebook account managers may also manage Pages for numerous business under a single account.

How do you share a link to a Facebook group?

If you’re a member of a group, then you can share a link with other members by clicking inside the “Write Post” box and typing or pasting in the URL. A link title, description and thumbnail image will appear by default, but you can hide these elements by clicking on the small cross icon to the right.

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How do I merge my Facebook page with different names 2020?

How to merge facebook pages with different names

  1. Choose the page with the largest number of likes. The merging process will be performed on this page. …
  2. Click the “Edit Page” button. Than select “Edit Settings”.
  3. Click the link “Merge duplicate Pages”. …
  4. Confirm the pages that you want to merge.

Should Facebook pages merge?

Most of these pages have little or no content besides the check-ins and are a nuisance. Merging those into one page will be helpful later on in the merging process and there’s no worry about losing content if there’s none on the pages.

What happens if I have two Facebook accounts?

Don’t have multiple Facebook accounts. … The main reason is that Facebook doesn’t allow users to have more than one personal account — it’s against their Terms of Service. So if they find out you have two personal accounts, they’ll shut them down.

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