Question: Why can’t I see the number of likes on my YouTube comment?

You can’t see who liked your comment on YouTube, but you can see how many likes your post has. YouTube prohibits the sharing of like and dislike info to keep users safe. … YouTube cares about the safety of its users, thus the anonymity of liking and disliking.

Why are my likes not showing on YouTube?

If you like a video before the thumbnail has had time to appear, this happens, if you edit the video after you get likes it happens too. Either leave it and don’t worry or delete then re upload the video. YES EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING that Likes are NOT REGISTERING !

How do I enable likes and dislikes on YouTube?

Select the video that you want to amend the likes to dislikes count for, and then click on the advanced tab at the top. Now there’s just a very simple change required on this screen. If you scroll down, you should see a checkbox that says users can view ratings for this video.

Why is TikTok not counting my likes?

TikTok temporarily stopped displaying likes, and users thought the U.S. government actually went through with banning the app. Videos on the platform, which is own by Beijing-based ByteDance, stopped showing like counts on Thursday afternoon. … TikTok has been criticized for its shady algorithm and data collection.

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Are my YouTube likes public?

You can show activities such as liking a video, or subscribing to a channel in your activity feed. … After December 5, your public “Liked videos” playlist will be made private, which means only you will be able to see this playlist. You can still like videos, and videos will still show the number of likes.

Do dislikes matter on YouTube?

So, do dislikes matter on YouTube? Everyone is in a rush these days, of course, so if you’re looking for a quick answer, it is yes. Dislikes do matter on YouTube, and for a variety of reasons. But they do not have a negative affect on ranking or views.

Can you turn off views on YouTube?

You can’t disable the view numbers only the like/dislike numbers. Just in case the community is interested to find the best video editing programs which are free without any watermarks.

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