Question: How do you change the text color on Facebook Messenger?

How do I change the color of my Facebook Messenger back to normal?

If you don’t like the new colors or someone else changed the Messenger theme, you can revert to the classic theme. For that, click on the Change theme from the right sidebar of Messenger on PC. When the color picker appears, click on the blue color to change the Messenger theme back to normal.

Why is my Facebook Messenger pink?

The refreshed logo with a gradient of purple, pink and orange “reflects a shift to the future of messaging,” Facebook said in a blog post. … It also has enabled people to visually enhance their conversations with new chat colors and themes. Facebook is also rolling out Vanish Mode, which acts like messages on Snapchat.

Why can’t I change chat colors on messenger?

Hi Fuzail, At this time, the only way to change the chat color is through the Messenger App or on If you tap on the name of your group conversation, you’ll have the option to add nicknames, emojis and change the chat color.

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Why has my messenger icon changed Colour?

Why is the logo a different colour? Facebook said the new look logo is designed to “mark our continued evolution from a simple way to message your Facebook friends, to a place to hang out with your favourite people, on your favourite apps and devices.”

What’s the difference between purple and blue messages on messenger?

Once you enable the feature via the “default SMS app” option in Messenger’s settings, you’ll be able to view your text messages in Messenger alongside your Facebook chats. … Facebook will distinguish between Facebook messages and SMS with different colors: Facebook’s will be blue while SMS will be purple.

What do purple and blue messages mean on messenger?

According to the company, the new logo “reflects a shift to the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to stay connected to the people you’re close to.” One could also say they added a purple-to-blue gradient, but that doesn’t sound nearly as fancy.

What do the different colors on Facebook Messenger mean?

Messenger uses different icons to let you know when your messages have been sent, delivered and read. … : A blue circle means that your message is sending. : A blue circle with a check means that your message has been sent. : A filled-in blue circle with a check means that your message has been delivered.

How do I change Messenger settings?

How to Change Facebook Messenger Settings

  1. Open the Messenger application on your Android device.
  2. Press the menu button on your phone.
  3. Tap the “Settings” option.
  4. Tap the “Alerts” item to set Alerts as “On” or “Off.”
  5. Check the boxes next to the Facebook Messenger alerts to enable Sound, Vibration or Light alerts.
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How do I get my messenger back to white?

Open Facebook Messenger and tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner. The Dark Mode toggle will be the first option under your profile photo. Turn Dark Mode on and watch as all of the white is instantly replaced with black.

What is Messenger chat Theme?

We’ve added new chat themes to help personalize and enhance your conversations and a quick reply bar that makes it easier to respond to content shared by your friends and family.

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