Is there a way to view all replies on Instagram?

Instagram and LinkedIn both show the most recent replies to comments first, and then you have to click to ‘view previous replies’, effectively working your way backwards towards the first reply.

How do you see all your replies on Instagram?

Go to your Facebook page and click on the Inbox tab (formerly this was the Messages tab). Now click on the Instagram tab in the Inbox pane, and you’ll see all your Instagram comments. You can now click on any of the notifications to read or respond to them…

How can you see who replied to your comment on Instagram?

The user of the Instagram account who posted the question will be able to see who responded. When you go to look at the viewers of your Story as usual, you’ll notice a new “See Responses” pop up. Then, above the list of viewers, you’ll be able to scroll through the responses and see which ones you want to address.

Can you open all comments on Instagram?

To see your comments on Instagram you need to download all your data on Instagram. To get all your comments on Instagram: … Enter the login info, and you can see the Download Data page. Click on the data and download the data into your mobile or desktop.

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Can I see posts I’ve commented on Instagram?

Tap on Account > Posts You’ve liked. 3. Here you will find all the posts that you have liked and hopefully commented on. Tap on the post you might have commented on to find your comment.

Why are Instagram comments backwards?

The reason is that backward text does not have the same appearance as standard text. Hence, the viewer would check the title and see what the content is about.

What happens if you accidentally like a comment on Instagram?

FYI: Instagram’s official page states: If you’ve accidentally liked a photo and then unliked it, the person who posted it will still get a push notification if they have notifications turned on. BUT very soon after you remove a like, the like alert will disappear from other people’s Activity.

How do you respond to direct messages on Instagram?

How to reply to messages on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app. Once you’re in the app, select the account from which you want to respond. …
  2. Click on the paper plane icon. …
  3. Open the conversation. …
  4. Write your message. …
  5. Click on the paper plane icon. …
  6. Select the conversation. …
  7. Write your reply. …
  8. Send your DMs on Instagram.

Why can’t I see my Instagram comments?

So to fix if you cannot see comments:

Update your Instagram app. Make sure you are following the person (if it not your own post) Switch off and on your network connection. Use the Instagram desktop version.

Can you see comments you liked on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to view the last 300 liked contents

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But, Instagram only allows you to view the latest 300 posts that you liked. If you want to manually keep a record of your liked comments, then copy the URL of the post and save a copy for yourself. Thus, later you can go through the list and check the liked post.

How do you expand all comments on Instagram?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the three-bar icon on the top. Head over to “Settings.”
  2. Tap on “Account -> Posts You’ve Liked.”
  3. After this, you will be shown all the posts you have liked. More importantly, you can also track all of your comments.
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