Is there a tool to compare the mutual followers and or followed accounts by two Instagram users?

One of the most popular new features on SocialRank is our “Compare to another account” filter. This lets you compare any two accounts on Twitter or Instagram to each other and see the overlap and difference of followers.

How can I see the mutual followers of two Instagram accounts?

Just go to the person’s account and tap on their followers list. There you’ll see three tabs which one of them is “mutual” as highlighted below. There you can see the followers in common between you and an account.

How do I compare followers between accounts on Instagram?

To calculate your follower to following ratio, divide the number of accounts that follow you by the number of accounts you follow. For example, if you have 10,000 followers and follow 1,000 accounts, your follow ratio is 10 (or 10:1, if you want to use a true ratio).

How do I find my common followers?

If you’re using Instagram using the app, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the Explore icon at the bottom.
  2. Search for the profile you want to see the mutual followers with.
  3. You’ll see your mutual followers listed right under the person’s bio.
  4. Tap on it to open the mutual followers’ tab.
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What is accounts with shared followers?

Accounts With Shared Followers: People will be able to see other public accounts that have the most followers in common with the account they’re viewing. This helps people identify accounts with similar interests.

What does followers mean on Instagram?

Instagram Follower. An Instagram follower is a user who follows your account and is able to see, like, and comment on any photo you post.

Can you cross reference Instagram followers?

There is no way to see who has unfollowed you on Instagram just by using their app, you could cross reference your follower list with your current followers list but that would take a lot of time and effort that might not pay off. Instead you can use third party apps to monitor your following and followers lists.

Is private Instagram viewer safe?

There are now private Instagram viewer apps you can use. Some of them actually work. These working third-party private Instagram viewer without human verification tools were explicitly developed to bypass the Instagram security protocol so you can remain undetected while using them.

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