Is the TikTok logo trademarked?

The TIKTOK trademark was assigned a Serial Number #88386243 – by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Trademark Serial Number is a unique ID to identify the TIKTOK mark in USPTO. The TIKTOK mark is filed in the category of Advertising, Business & Retail Services .

Does a logo get trademarked?

Your logo is a trademark that identifies the goods or services you’re selling with your brand. Filing an application to register your trademark with the U.S. Trademark Office allows you to protect your trademark and prohibit others from using it on similar goods or services.

The TikTok logo design was created by an unnamed designer who is said by TikTok to have been inspired by a concert that he attended before being brought on to design the logo. … The design features the letter “d” modeled in the shape of a musical note, representing at the time the fact that the app was named Douyin.

Is TikTok music copyright free?

TikTok, a bit like YouTube, has its own library of music for users to include in their videos without risking copyright infringement. … Additionally, TikTok hosts a large library of royalty free music, often from new and upcoming artists who want to gain exposure.

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The logo represents a three-color note (pink, blue, and white) against the black field. It was no accident: the designer was inspired by a rock concert with a dark hall and a stage lit up. The emblem’s distinct feature is that it looks like 3D: neon colors overlap each other thus signifying music vibrations.

One of the most common forms of infringement occurs when a company attempts to use a logo that looks similar or uses similar language as another copyrighted logo. If the competing logo creates confusion, then its owner could face legal action for infringement.

The simple answer: Logos are not copyrighted, they are actually trademarked. Whether or not legal action is taken for replicating a trademarked logo is fully up to the company or entity that owns the trademark. A company still has legal rights to their logo even if it’s not trademarked.

Can I use a logo that is not trademarked?

Permission to Use Logo Agreement

The United States trademark law as stated in the Lanham Act allows a non-owner of a registered trademark to make “fair use” of it without permission. … This means that using someone else’s logo without permission, even if it’s unregistered, is against the law.

What is TikTok logo effect called?

They tried to portray the tremolo effect, which is a trembling sound when a single note is repeated. After all, the TikTok application in China is known as Douyin, which translates into English as “Shaking Music.” As a result, the logo looks as if electromagnetic waves distort it.

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Who owns TikTok?

TikTok is owned by Beijing-based technology company ByteDance, founded by the Chinese billionnaire entrepreneur, Zhang Yiming. The 37-year-old was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2019, who described him as “the top entrepreneur in the world”.

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