How do you use the new features on Instagram?

What’s the new feature on Instagram?

Instagram has started testing a new feature called ‘Collab’ in India and the United Kingdom that lets users invite another account as a collaborator on a post or a Reel. If they accept, both accounts will appear in the header of the post or the Reel, and it will be shared to the followers of both accounts.

How can I look at someones Instagram without them knowing?

Another simple method to view people’s Insta Stories without letting them know is by taking the help of the Airplane mode. All you have to do is, open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone. Wait a few seconds for the Stories to load. Once this happens, switch on the Airplane mode.

What are the disadvantages of Instagram?

What are the disadvantages of using Instagram?

  • Engagement is high but conversion is low. A major issue with Instagram is that it makes it so easy for users to share, like and comment.
  • Strict brand enforcement is necessary. …
  • Difficult to break through the clutter.

Why can’t I zoom in on Instagram 2020?

If you’ve updated Instagram but still don’t see the Superzoom feature, force quit the app, and then try signing in and out of the app to refresh it. Sometimes that helps push an update through.

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Can you privately follow someone on Instagram?

Many people may want to keep their IG accounts in public mode. For many reasons, however, you may want to know if you can hide your following and followers from specific users on Instagram. To hide who you follow from certain users while our account is public, you have no other way but to block those accounts.

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