How do you post smart on Instagram?

How can I be smart on Instagram?

6 Smart Instagram Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

  1. Watch and learn. Nobody likes a copycat. …
  2. Design with intent. Personal users of Instagram don’t need to worry about consistency of design. …
  3. Stay on-brand. …
  4. Don’t leave captions as an afterthought. …
  5. Find the hashtag “sweet spot” …
  6. Engage regularly.

How do you post perfectly on Instagram?

Four Steps To The Perfect Instagram Post

  1. Start with quality visual content. Despite all the growth hacks out there nowadays (i.e. tools that “auto follow,” “unfollow all,” and auto schedule posts for maximum impact), visual content is still king on Instagram. …
  2. Choose your niche. …
  3. Edit. …
  4. Use the caption.

What are the best Instagram captions?

I’m not high maintenance, you’re just low effort.” “Whatever is good for your soul, do that.” “The way you speak to yourself matters the most.” “You can regret a lot of things but you’ll never regret being kind.”

How do I make my Instagram posts interesting?

How do I create attractive Instagram posts?

  1. Upload scroll-stopping photos.
  2. Know your Instagram audience.
  3. Adjust your phone’s camera settings.
  4. Leverage depth of field.
  5. Get your lighting right!
  6. Change up your angles.
  7. Use colors that complement each other.
  8. Use burst mode for moving object photos.
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