How do you pin words on Instagram stories?

How to pin a sticker or text to a moving part of your video: Place your text or sticker in the desired location and tap and hold the screen until you get a little bar at the bottom that says “pin”. Find the subject in the video you want to pin it to and then hit “pin” when you’re ready.

Can you pin text Instagram?

Pin text to a fixed spot in your video. After taking a video, add text, then tap it and hold. Use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the video to find where you want to pin the text. Move the text and tap Pin.

Why can’t I pin comments on Instagram?

Unlike YouTube, you cannot pin your own comment on an Instagram post made by you. Instagram only allows you to pin other people’s comments so that they always stay at the top of the comment thread on your posts. … There are a lot of Instagram users and influencers who like to follow up on a post with a comment.

How does Instagram pin work?

Once you tap and hold down on the sticker, a video timeline will appear at the bottom of the screen; scroll forwards and backwards through the video to find the perfect place to pin your sticker, and hit “pin” when you are happy with your selection.

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Can I pin my own comments on Instagram?

You can’t pin your own comment but you can be strategic in the comments you choose — spend less time and attention on the trolls and spam comments, and focus on testimonials and conversation-starters.

What does the pin mean on Instagram?

The feature lets any user pin three comments on a post to the top of a thread, and it’s designed to allow the author of a post to better control the tone of the comment thread through highlighting positivity and moderating more negative and abusive responses that show up below the pinned comments.

What is Instagram story PIN?

Today, Instagram Stories is releasing a way to cover your images and videos with mini selfies. … To pin your selfie sticker or any other sticker or piece of text to a spot on screen, select the sticker and, holding your finger down, move it to the location where you want it to stay. Tap “pin” and you’re all set.

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