How do you add multiple videos to watch later on YouTube?

How do I add all videos to watch later?

in the top right corner of the playlist panel. Select the Add all to… option in the dropdown menu, then select the Watch Later playlist in the second dropdown.

How many videos can you save to watch later on YouTube?

If you want to use the Watch Later feature as a makeshift queue, where you save videos to Watch Later all day and you come back at night to watch three to four videos together, you’ll have to click on the “See All” button next to Watch Later. This will open the Watch Later playlist. Now, you can click on a video.

Is there a way to add multiple videos to a playlist on YouTube?

There is no way for you to easily add multiple videos to a Playlist if you aren’t the creator. So what you can do is to queue every video you want to add to a playlist. Search for the videos you want in a playlist, then hover over the video, then add to queue. Add as many video to the queue as you may want to.

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How do I save a playlist to watch later?

While watching a video: Tap Save . Tap CHANGE to open your playlists and select Watch later or another playlist.

Can I share my YouTube Watch Later list?

Well, YouTube also has a ‘Save for Later’ feature. The ‘Watch Later’ playlist operates just like a normal playlist, so the instructions are identical to the previous step (except you can’t invite others to collaborate on your “Watch Later” playlist).

How many videos can you have in a YouTube playlist?

The maximum number of videos you can add to a YouTube playlist is 5,000 videos. This is the YouTube playlist limit and also applies to how many songs you can have in a YouTube Music playlist. To increase this limit, you need to create multiple playlists.

Can you like more than 5000 videos on YouTube?

Your Liked videos playlist has a limit of 5,000 videos. … Actual number of liked videos is shown in stats on Library page.

Where are my YouTube saved videos?

To locate the file, go to the home page of YouTube. You can do so by either dragging the video down using gesture, or by simply tapping the back button on Android. Once you’re on the home page, click the Account tab (the one the right-most corner that looks like a human body). You will find Saved videos on this page.

How do I add videos to my YouTube playlist?

Create a playlist

  1. Find a video you want in the playlist.
  2. Under the video, click Save .
  3. Select a playlist such as Watch Later, or a playlist you’ve already created, or click Create new playlist . If you create a playlist, enter a playlist name.
  4. Use the box to select your playlist’s privacy setting. …
  5. Click Create.
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How do I get rid of watch later?

Tap “Watch Later” to open the entire list of saved videos. Touch the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner of the video that you want to delete. Select the “Remove from Watch Later” button.

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