How do I know if a Youtuber blocked me?

Visit any YouTube video of a user you believe has blocked you. If you don’t have the option to make a comment—but see that others have made them before you—you’ve been blocked.

What happens when a Youtuber blocked you?

On YouTube, the best way to handle this situation is blocking. Once you’ve blocked another YouTube channel, they won’t be able to comment on your channel or any of your videos. And any comment they’ve left in the past will be hidden.

Can you be blocked from a YouTube channel?

To do this, search for the channel and click on their profile. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, tap the three dots menu icon. Tap the Block user option to block that user from your channel. The channel is now blocked from commenting on your videos.

How do you get unblocked on YouTube?

1. Use a VPN to Access YouTube When It’s Blocked. Using a VPN, or virtual private network, is the easiest and most secure way to unblock YouTube. VPNs are a great option for online security, anonymity, and unblocking content that has been restricted by firewalls, censorship, or geoblocking technology.

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How can I tell if someone has me blocked?

However, if your Android’s phone calls and texts to a specific person don’t seem to be reaching them, your number might have been blocked. You can try deleting the contact in question and seeing if they reappear as a suggested contact to determine whether or not you’ve been blocked.

Who blocked me on YouTube?

How to Find Out If Someone Blocked You on YouTube

  • Visit any YouTube video of a user you believe has blocked you. …
  • Attempt to send a message to the user you believe has blocked you. …
  • Contact the user using other means if you know her well—online or otherwise—and believe you may have been blocked erroneously.

How do I not see my YouTube channel?

If you wish to block a YouTube channel, simply go to the Channel’s page and hit the About tab. Here you will find the “Flag” icon, which you need to press in order to begin the blocking process. After pressing the “Flag” icon, a drop-down list will appear, from which you need to select the “Block user” option.

Why can’t I block a YouTube channel?

Navigate to “Settings.” Scroll to the right until you find the “Restricted Mode” option. Press the option to enable the Restricted Mode. Channels that feature inappropriate content will now be removed from your feed.

How can I unblock YouTube without VPN?

Use a proxy to unblock YouTube

If you don’t want to use a VPN, the next best thing is a proxy server. This has a similar effect to a VPN – allowing you to browse as if in a different country – but is less secure and doesn’t encrypt your traffic, which is why we normally recommend a VPN over a proxy.

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Why is my YouTube video partially blocked?

To give you info. Normally this partially blocked happened if our content have a background music that we do not have license to use or we do not owned. You may see complete details at the bottom of each videos if you click the see details if what are these materials causing to be partially blocked.

Is YouTube banned in China?

Yes, Youtube is blocked in China. … Likewise, Youtube’s paid content and Youtube TV are also blocked. Tip: If you want to unblock YouTube and other restricted sites you will need a VPN. Most VPNs won’t work, however, so pick one from our China VPN list.

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