How do I contact the admin on Facebook marketplace?

To request that the administrator contact you, click the Contact This Admin icon in the upper right corner of the provider pop-up window. Select your preferred method of contact (Email, Phone, or Either Email or Phone), and then click Submit. The Administrator will contact you using your preferred method.

How do I get in touch with Marketplace?

Call us right now to get your Marketplace questions answered by a customer service representative, available 24/7:

  1. 1-800-318-2596 or (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)
  2. Visit our Help Center to get all of our help resources in one place.

How do I contact the Marketplace admin?

Marketplace doesn’t have a direct contact or support line for administration queries.

How do I complain to Facebook Marketplace?

If you think a seller or product violates our Commerce Policies, you can report them:

  1. From your News Feed, tap , then tap Marketplace.
  2. Tap on a listing from the seller that you want to report.
  3. Tap on the name of the seller.
  4. Tap below the seller’s name.
  5. Tap Report Seller.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I get in touch with Marketplace on Facebook?

If you think you haven’t gone against our policies, please contact our team so we can take another look:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap Request Review.
  3. We’ll review your appeal and respond to you within 24 hours. Check for updates in your Support Inbox or the email associated with your Facebook account.
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How do you complain to Marketplace?

To report or hide a listing:

  1. From your News Feed, click Marketplace in the left menu.
  2. Click a listing that you want to report or hide.
  3. Click .
  4. Click Hide item or Report post. To submit your report, follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I report a bad Marketplace seller on Facebook?

In addition, you can report the seller to us in Marketplace. To do that, visit the buyer or seller’s profile, which can be found at the bottom of the product profile. Tap on the “Seller Info” section, and there you’ll find a “Report” button. Facebook will review the case.

Can I talk to a live person at Facebook?

Yes, you can contact and speak with a representative at Facebook. The social media network Facebook lets you connect with others around the world in real time via a live chat or through posting messages on member’s walls.

What is Facebook’s telephone number?

Many people would go online and search for “Facebook customer service.” We tried that, and got this number: 844-735-4595.

Can I get my money back from Facebook marketplace?

Many purchases made with checkout on Facebook are covered by our Purchase Protection Policies. … Purchase Protection is free, and automatically covers eligible orders. Purchase Protection means that you can request a refund if: You didn’t receive your order.

What happens when you report someone on FB Marketplace?

Don’t be perplexed, the Facebook marketplace keeps you secured your name. And, also, personal details will be kept completely secret as they reach out to the person involved or responsible. However, you must realize that reporting a seller on the Facebook marketplace does not lead to automatic removal.

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