How do I comment on Facebook Mobile?

How do you change who you are commenting as on Facebook Mobile Android?

You switch profiles and comment by clicking on the small profile pic with the down arrow and selecting another profile.

How do you post a comment on Facebook on a tablet?

Open the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Find your friend’s post. Below the post, look for and tap the Comment option, located between the “Like” and “Share” options.

How do I post a comment on Facebook from my IPAD?

To comment on a post:

  1. Tap Comment below the post.
  2. Write your comment or: Tap to comment with a GIF. Tap to comment with a sticker. Tap to add a photo. Tap to comment with an avatar sticker. This option is only available if you’ve created an avatar.
  3. Tap .

How do you comment on someone’s Facebook post?

To comment on something:

  1. Click Comment below the post or in the white box that says Write a comment.
  2. Type your comment or: Click to comment with a gif. Click to comment with an emoji. Click to attach a photo or video. Click to post a sticker. …
  3. Press Enter or Return on your keyboard to publish.
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How do I comment on Facebook App 2020?

Once you’re logged in:

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Pages or Your [number] Pages.
  3. Go to the Page post you want to like or comment on.
  4. Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the post.
  5. Select the Page you want to like or comment as.
  6. Like or comment on the post.

How do I change who I am commenting as on Facebook 2021?

Log into Facebook and go to the page you administer. Above option “Create Post,” in the upper right corner is located your page’s logo – click on it and switch accounts. Select the name of the profile you want to comment as.

How do I edit a comment on FB?

To edit a comment, just tap on the comment you want to edit, then choose “Edit Comment.” Once you’re done editing your comment, tap the Update button and you’re all set. To edit a post, tap on your post, then choose “Edit Post.” After editing your post, tap on the Save button.

How do I finish a comment on Facebook?

To comment on anything on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Click Comment. The comment box expands. Frequently, this box is already expanded, in which case you can simply go on to Step 2.
  2. Click in the text box that appears.
  3. Type what you want to say.
  4. When you’re finished, press Enter.

How do you reply on Facebook on iPad?

To reply to a comment publicly:

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Pages or Your [number] Pages.
  3. Go to your Page, then go to the comment.
  4. Tap Reply below the comment.
  5. Enter your reply and tap .
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How do you send a comment on iPad?

On your iPhone or iPad, tap Comment in the menu that appears. You might need to tap to see Comment. If you’re commenting on a cell in Numbers, tap Cell action menu, then tap Add Comment. Enter your comment and tap Done.

How do I know if I’m blocked from commenting on Facebook?

Facebook gives its users control over who they add as friends and who they block. If you’ve been blocked by someone else, you’ll be stopped from liking or commenting on that person’s content (though it may still appear if other mutual friends have been tagged in it).

What is up in Facebook comments?

This means the user comments that get the highest number of likes and replies will be raised at the top of the comment section.

What should I comment on peoples posts?

Good comments for friends pictures

  • Never seen a selfie of yours that I don’t like.
  • You are the coolest.
  • This outfit deserves applause (Clap emojis).
  • Blessing my Insta feed once again.
  • The hottest pal in the town.
  • Friends forever.
  • They say love is beautiful, but I say friendship is better.
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