How do global Facebook pages work?

Global Pages are only available to managed Facebook clients. Global Pages let your business provide localized versions of content for your customers all over the world with one universal brand name and the same vanity URL for each Page. You can also share total fan count and global insights across your entire fan base.

How do I change my Facebook page from regional to global?

2Go to options & change region.

The View Page for another country pop-up will appear. Switch region 3Choose the new region. Finally choose the region for which you want to view the Facebook page. Finally click on Save Preference to lock your choice.

Are there different Facebooks for different countries?

Click on the “Switch Region” option. A pop-up will appear that gives you the opportunity to switch to a Facebook page unique to another country. The currently selected option is probably “Default Page.” Click on that drop-down and select a country.

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How do I view an international Facebook page?

How do I see my country’s version of a Page on Facebook?

  1. Click below the Page’s cover photo.
  2. Select Switch Region.
  3. Select the country you want as your default for the Page.

How do Facebook Location Pages work?

Your individual location pages show up in Facebook search, making it easier for users to find stores and offices that are near them. After you set up location pages, Facebook adds a Locations tab to your main brand page. When users click this tab, they see your closest locations on a map.

What are Facebook Global Pages?

Global Pages is a framework which enables brands and businesses to provide localized versions of their content for their customers all over the world. With Global Pages, you can maintain one universal brand name, total fan count, vanity URL, and global insights across your entire fan base.

How do I make my Facebook page Global?

To set up Global Pages or add a market Page:

  1. Open the Page that will act as the default Page.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the Global Pages tab.
  4. Beside Market Pages, select Add a Page.
  5. Choose the Page you are adding to your structure.

How do I change the country Restrictions on Facebook?

How do I add or edit country or age restrictions for my Facebook…

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left.
  3. From General, click Country Restrictions.
  4. Add one or more countries and choose to hide or show your Page to viewers in those countries.
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How do I find someone on Facebook from another country?

Type something into the search bar at the top of any Facebook page or select something from the typeahead. Click a filter at the top (ex: People, Photos) to narrow your search.

How do I change my region on Facebook?

To change your Language and Region settings:

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Language.
  3. Select the language you want Facebook to appear in.

What are Facebook pages for?

Pages are places on Facebook where artists, public figures, businesses, brands, organizations and nonprofits can connect with their fans or customers. When someone likes or follows a Page on Facebook, they can start seeing updates from that Page in their News Feed.

How do I confirm my primary country on Facebook?

To help us confirm your primary country or region:

  1. Use the Facebook app on your mobile device with Location Services turned on. By using a phone or tablet, we will receive more accurate location information.
  2. Avoid using a VPN or similar services.
  3. Ensure the current city on your profile is updated.

Does Facebook create pages automatically?

I’ll go into more detail about each below, but in a nutshell, Facebook-administered are all the auto-generated Community Pages. User-administered are Community Pages you can set up yourself that essentially look identical to fan pages (Official Pages), but you create them for a topic, not your business.

Why can’t I add hours to my Facebook page?

Go to your Page and tap More. Tap Edit Page then tap Page Info. Scroll down and tap Hours to add or change your business hours. You can also tap + Add temporary service changes if your business is temporarily closed or offering different services.

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How do I manage my shops on Facebook?

To set up your stores with Facebook:

  1. Open Store Locations in Business Manager.
  2. Select the Page in the top menu for which you want to add stores.
  3. Under Manage Your Store Details, click + Add Stores.
  4. Follow the steps to add store details that create a new store Page for each physical location of your business.
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