How can I delete my Instagram account immediately?

How can I delete my Instagram account in 2 days?

Just go to from a mobile browser. Tap profile picture, then tap ‘Edit Profile’. Scroll down and at the bottom tap ‘Temporarily disable my account‘. Choose a desired option as a reason for this, re enter your password and tap ‘Temporarily disable Account’.

Can I delete an Instagram account right after making it?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete or disable an account without first logging in. Nor can you appeal to Instagram to do it for you. If you cannot remember or find your password, or if it has been changed by someone else, follow these steps to recover it.

How do I delete my Instagram account step by step?

Step 1: Tap the username at the top-right of the ‘delete your account page’. Step 2: Now, click the ‘settings’ next to the username. Step 3: Press ‘log out’. Step 4: Then, again login as the account you want to delete and follow the above-mentioned instructions.

How do I deactivate my Instagram?

Deactivate your Instagram account

  1. Open your desktop browser.
  2. Go to Instagram.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Click on your profile picture at the top-right corner of the page.
  5. Select Edit Profile.
  6. Scroll down and click Temporarily Disable My Account at the bottom-right corner of the page.
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How long does it take for an Instagram account to be deleted after being reported?

When you enter your username and password, you’ll see a prompt informing you that your account will be deleted, with 30 days to appeal the decision. You then have two options – ‘Download Data’ to get access to all your Instagram content, or ‘Request Review’.

How do I deactivate my Instagram on Iphone?

Here are the steps you need to take to deactivate your account.

  1. Step 1: Head to …
  2. Step 2: Select edit profile, scroll to the bottom of the page. …
  3. Step 3: You will be prompted to provide a reason as to why you’re disabling your account. …
  4. Step 4: Re-enter your password and temporarily disable your account.

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts?

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media platform, and one of the ways it remains so is by keeping users active and engages. In order maintain an active user base, Instagram utilizes a policy of deleting all inactive accounts that fit certain criteria.

Why is my deleted Instagram account still showing up?

You may have only temporarily disabled or short-term deleted the account. But as you have said that you’ve ‘Permanently deleted’ your Instagram account neither of these cases should be the underlying reason. It may be a matter of Instagram servers refreshing.

Can I reactivate my Instagram account after 1 year?

Your account, profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed. You can‘t sign up again with the same username or add that username to another account. Deleted accounts cannot be reactivated.

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How many times we can deactivate Instagram account?

How many times can you deactivate your Instagram? You can only disable your Instagram account once a week. This means that if you have disabled your account, it is not possible to disable it again until after a week.

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