Frequent question: Why did YouTube move the comments again?

The moving of comments sections is a result of YouTube’s update to the app. YouTube prototyped a new UI wherein you can find the comments section below the subscribe button. This new UI design made people comment more, which increased engagement for many YouTubers.

Why did YouTube move the comment section again?

The company shared on their support page writing, “We want to make it easier for people watching videos to find comments in the YouTube app without having to scroll through ‘Up Next’ videos, so we’re testing out a new comment section that appears directly below the video.

What happened to comments on YouTube 2020?

In YouTube test, the comments section has been removed from the bottom of the page entirely. Instead, it is relocated to a new section that users can only view after clicking the new Comments button, which can be found between the Thumbs Down and Share buttons, right below the video.

What happened to the comment section on YouTube 2021?

In most cases, YouTube comments will disappear due to browser cache issues. Other times, comments may not show up after a platform update. Either way, your best bet to fix the problem is to clear your browser’s cache.

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How do I get my YouTube comments back to normal?

Change your default comment settings

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings.
  3. Select Community. Defaults.
  4. Select your default settings: If you have the Community tab: Choose your default settings under “Comments on your channel.” …
  5. Select Save.

Did YouTube move back Comments?

The YouTube comments, as per the new update, have now been shifted to just below the section where a person can subscribe for the channel.

Why can I no longer see comments on YouTube?

Similar to the previous step, if you’re facing the “YouTube comments not showing” error on the mobile app, we suggest clearing the app cache or data. Even on the mobile app, removing the YouTube app cache is among the most effective fixes to these technical problems.

Where are YouTube comments now?

You can view public comments you’ve left across YouTube. Go to Comment History. To go to the original place you posted your comment, click or tap the content.

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