Does Facebook portal work with Messenger?

On Portal you can call the Facebook friends, Messenger connections and WhatsApp contacts of any accounts linked to your Portal. While Portal is only sold in select countries, you can use your Portal to call friends located in any country where the Messenger app or WhatsApp are supported.

Can you use Messenger on Portal?

Who are Portal devices for? … They don’t have to have a Portal device — it communicates just as well with the Messenger and WhatsApp apps on iPhone or Android phones and tablets, as well as with anyone signed into the Messenger website or WhatsApp app on a Mac or PC.

Does Facebook portal work with Messenger rooms?

You can create a video chat room from your Portal to chat with contacts. You can also choose to let anyone join with a link, including people who aren’t a contact and those who don’t have Facebook or Messenger.

How do I get Facebook Messenger on my Portal?

To share a link:

  1. From Apps or Home, select Contacts .
  2. Select Rooms.
  3. Select your room, then select Join > Join Rooms.
  4. From your room on Portal, select .
  5. Select Send yourself a link to this room.
  6. Access the link on your phone and computer to sent it to more people.
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Do both parties need Facebook portal?

You do not need a Facebook account to use Portal video-chat devices. In addition to those with personal Facebook accounts, Portal users with a WhatsApp account can use it to log in to their device.

Can you FaceTime on Facebook Portal?

The Portal is great for video calls, so long as the people you’re calling use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Most of my family is on WhatsApp, but the Portal only lets you call up to 4 in a video chat, far from the 32 people that you can call with Apple’s FaceTime.

Is there a monthly fee for Facebook Portal?

Answer: Portal is a great way to keep in touch with relatives who can’t use a regular telephone easily. There is no monthly fee, all you need is a power outlet, WiFi connection and a free Facebook Messenger account.

Can you call Facebook portal from a phone?

Note: Portal calls can only be received on Portal devices, on the Messenger app on mobile phones or tablets, on or, or on WhatsApp on mobile phones.

Are Facebook rooms private?

Facebook may think that Rooms is an alternative to Zoom, and it is, for less private activities such as exercise classes. But it’s not end-to-end encrypted and it’s not particularly private, since it still collects data like other Facebook services.

Can you share screen on messenger rooms?

Messenger’s phone feature lets you instantly share your screen with friends and family, either in video calls with up to eight people or using the Messenger Rooms feature to chat with up to 50 people, with no time limit. You can also screen share in Messenger Rooms while on web and desktop.

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How do you answer a Portal on Facebook?

To answer a call you can do things like:

  1. Select Answer to join the call.
  2. Press on the Portal TV remote.
  3. Say “Hey Portal, answer.”
  4. Press on your Portal TV remote and say “Hey Portal, answer.”

Can you use kids messenger on Facebook portal?

Portal does not support Messenger Kids and calls cannot be made to or from Messenger Kids accounts on Portal.

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