Can you use swear words in Facebook ads?

Ads must not contain profanity or bad grammar and punctuation. Symbols, numbers and letters must be used properly without the intention of circumventing our ad review process or other enforcement systems. Correct grammar and punctuation in the text you use for your ad. “Click here for more information!”

Are swear words allowed on Facebook?

While Facebook’s rules do not expressly forbid swearing, and it can be used in posts, comments and messages, there are certain types of speech that are forbidden, and these offenses should be reported to keep your page clean.

Can you use the word your in Facebook ads?

#3: Using You and You’re

In your Facebook ad copy, avoid using the words you and your too often. While those words work well in email marketing, the Facebook algorithm doesn’t favor ads that are full of them.

Can ads have curse words?

So, basically, acceptable swear words in advertising. … This includes non verbal representations of the “f” word. But words and acronyms that play on the ‘f’ word, e.g. WTF and LMFAO, but do not use the actual word are OK if used in certain circumstances.


What are the forbidden words?

The forbidden words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

What gets you banned from Facebook?

Why Else You May Get Banned? If multiple people report your profile or page, you may get restricted from the platform temporarily. You can also get banned for serious violations like hate speech or objectionable content. Facebook may also block your account for repeated violations.

How can I hide my swear words?

What the cuss? 50 swear-word alternatives

  1. Balderdash!
  2. William Shatner!
  3. Corn Nuts!
  4. Dagnabbit!
  5. Son of a monkey!
  6. Barnacles!
  7. Holy cow!
  8. Poo on a stick!

What should you not do on Facebook ads?

Complete guide to The do’s and don’ts of Facebook Ads

  1. Don’t Be Deceptive. Do not set your ad as bait for the viewers. …
  2. Don’t Ignore Mobile Users. …
  3. Don’t Put Your Campaign On Auto-Pilot. …
  4. Don’t Overdose it with Text. …
  5. Know your target audience. …
  6. Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) …
  7. Set the right budget. …
  8. Proofread.

Why is 35 black forbidden?

black is a link to a dangerous website and that’s why you can’t write 35 . black without a space between words. If facebook is not allowing to write 35 dot black then there may be some violation of rules according to them.

What is the most important part of a Facebook ad?

But, despite the fact that new innovations, trends and technologies keep making the industry more and more complicated, a fact remains the same: When it comes to our ads, the creative is the most crucial element.

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Can you use profanity in a business name?

State and federal laws generally prohibit companies from using legally or morally offensive terms. For example, a company name should not use swear words or words that provoke indecent or pornographic thoughts.

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