Can you make a thread on Facebook?

To start a private thread on Facebook, you can send a private message, chat message or text message to one or more Facebook users. When you do this, a new thread is automatically saved to your Facebook Messages.

How do you post a thread on Facebook?

Type a thread title in the Thread title box and your post in the message box. A prefix from the drop-down list is optional in most forums and required in some forums. (You’ll get a message if you omit a required prefix.) Click the Preview button to check if your post came out as you want it.

What is the meaning of a thread in Facebook?

On social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.), a thread is a series of replies to a single post. They can be from the original post’s author or from other users, but they are all connected and can be viewed from the original post.

How do I create a thread in facebook group?

Click the “Notifications” button at the top of the group’s page and select the “ON” option from the drop-down menu. Now, whenever a new discussion topic is posted, you will receive a message.

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How do I start a new message thread on Facebook?

At the top of the screen is a search bar that lets you search for people and groups you might want to message. In the upper right corner are two icons. The phone icon allows you to start a phone call to a friend. The paper and pencil icon allows you to start a new message to a friend.

What is posting a thread?

POST is a reply to a THREAD or a reply to a post within a thread. POST is a form of COMMENT – they are mutually exclusive: With the core Forum module, comments (from the core Comment module) are posts.

How do I remove the view thread on Facebook?

Open the conversation. Tap in the top right. Scroll down and tap Delete or Delete Selected.

What is a thread on social media?

A thread is a string of messages that make up a conversation. Threads begin with an initial message and then continue as a series of replies or comments. Threads are essential to keeping track of conversations in most forms of online communication, including social media and email.

How do I find a thread in a Facebook group?

How do I search for posts in a Facebook group?

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. …
  2. Click on the right.
  3. Enter names or keywords that appear in the post or the comments of the post you’re searching for.
  4. Filter search results by selecting options on the left.

What is a group thread?

A ThreadGroup represents a set of threads. A thread group can also include the other thread group. The thread group creates a tree in which every thread group except the initial thread group has a parent.

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How do you add a topic on Facebook Mobile?

In order to add group posts to a discussion topic, you can click the dropdown on a post and select “add a new topic.” Alternately, if you’ve already created any Group topics, you can select from those in the same dropdown menu as well.

How can I edit topic in Facebook Group 2021?

in the top right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your Groups, then select your group. If you don’t see Groups, tap See More. Go to the post you’d like to add a topic to. in the top right of the post and then select Edit post topic.

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