Best answer: Why do I need to verify my Facebook business page?

They want to know they are interacting with real people and real businesses. … By verifying your business Facebook page, you will receive a check mark that will let your audience know that this is no imposter they’re looking at, or just another fan page.

Why do I need to verify my Facebook business account?

The most important reason to verify your Facebook page is that you will show up higher in search results. This will help more people find you, and it will avoid confusion with similar brands or people trying to impersonate your brand.

How do I get my Facebook business page verified?

Simply click on “Settings” at the top right of your page, then “General,” then “Page Verification.” Click on “Verify this page” or “Edit” (if you don’t see the, ‘Verify this page’ link). You’ll then be asked to provide a publicly-listed phone number for your business, your country and your language.

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Why should I get my Facebook page verified?

A Facebook verification checkmark provides credibility to official pages and puts a clear distinction between the real Pages and the Pages run by fans or imposters. In addition, Facebook prioritizes verified profiles and Pages in its search results.

What happens when you don’t verify a page on Facebook?

Go to your page, click “Settings” at the top right, and then find the row that says “Page Verification.” Click “Edit” on the right side. 1B. If you don’t see the Page Verification section, you may need to change your page’s Category (in the “About” section).

Why can’t I verify my Facebook business?

If your business is not verified, click Start Verification. The Start Verification button may appear disabled when you don’t have any app associated to your business. … In your Facebook app dashboard, navigate to Accounts > Apps and click Add to add your business app.

How many followers do you need to get verified on Facebook?

Your Facebook profile needs to be complete and accurate. In your About section, you should include your website and make sure your profile is public so other Facebook users can follow you. You should aim for around 500 followers before submitting a verification request on Facebook.

How do I verify my Facebook business page 2021?

To request a verified badge:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to the account you’re requesting a verified badge for.
  2. Go to your profile and tap .
  3. Tap Settings > Account > Request Verification.
  4. Enter your full name and provide the required form of identification (example: government-issued photo ID).
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Why should I verify my account?

Getting verified sends a message to your audience that they can trust your service. It also differentiates your Page from users with a similar name and establishes legitimacy when compared to competitors who haven’t verified their Pages.

How do I get my Facebook page verified by 2020?

Go to your Facebook page’s “Settings.” Find the “General” tab. When you click it, you’ll be able to look to your right and see a “Page Verification” tab. If you hit “Edit,” it will ask you if you’d like to verify the page. Check that you would and enter a phone number for your business, language, and your country.

What happens when you get verified on Facebook?

The verified badge appears next to a Facebook Page or profile. It means Facebook has confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or global brand it represents. … The verified badge is a tool to help people find public figures and brands’ real Pages and profiles.

How do I check if my Facebook page is verified?

The verified blue badge on a Page means that Facebook has confirmed that the profile does, in fact, belong to a particular public figure, creator, or brand — rather than a fan or impersonator. Verified badges on Facebook (and Instagram) appear next to the Page or account’s name, both on the profile page and in search.

Why is my page not found on Facebook?

If you’ve noticed that your Page isn’t appearing in search results on Facebook, make sure that: Your Page doesn’t have age or country restrictions. Your Page is published. Your Page has a profile picture, cover photo and an action button.

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Why can’t I get verified on Facebook?

If we can’t confirm your identity with your government ID or two official documents, it could be due the following: Your photo didn’t meet our requirements: Try submitting your government ID again, and make sure it follows our guidelines.

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