Best answer: Why are my dislikes disappearing on YouTube?

Due to how the feature has been abused in the past, YouTube is testing out different ways to use the button, including hiding the number of dislikes completely for some creators and viewers. … Though the number is still visible on YouTube Studio, viewers will no longer be able to see how disliked a video is.

Can YouTube dislikes be deleted?

4 Answers. Yes, they do. They will also delete likes. However, the comments quoted and the general complaints on that video about dislikes going away are based on the claim that Gillette is either paying YouTube to delete dislikes, or that Gillette is doing it, itself.

Do Youtubers lose money for dislikes?

YouTube may not penalise your channel’s exposure for dislikes if you are still getting plenty of watch time and engagement, but they do use those dislikes to gauge personal interest.

Does the YouTube dislike button do anything?

The test is in response to creator feedback that the public dislike counts affect their wellbeing and may incite “a targeted campaign of dislikes” on a video, according to YouTube. For now, the dislike button will not be removed and more information on the move can be seen here .

Can a Youtuber see who disliked their video?

How to find out who has disliked my videos? Ratings (ie likes/dislikes) are anonymous. You can NOT find out who liked or disliked your videos.

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Can I see who subscribed to my YouTube channel?

Locate and click the “Your channel” option. 3. Underneath your channel’s username should be a count of how many subscribers you have. You can also see a list of your most recent subscribers, including their names and profiles, in YouTube’s Studio (Beta) feature.

Are dislikes on YouTube bad?

The likes and dislikes on your video indicate your viewer’s feedback to your content. It is a must to try to lessen the number of dislikes. It should also be relative to the likes your content has achieved. Many content creators have pointed out that no engagement is a bad one.

Do YouTubers get paid for comments?

Super Chats – Super Chats are highlighted comments viewers can purchase during a YouTuber’s live video stream that receive special placement in the comments section. YouTube gives content creators a share of the revenue that these messages produce during their broadcast.

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