Best answer: Who can pin comments on Facebook?

Here’s a small, but relevant update – Facebook is now letting group admins pin comments in discussion threads. The option will enable group admins to highlight the best comments, or new angles of interest, which could help spark further discussion around a specific element, and boost engagement and interaction.

Can everyone PIN comments?

You can pin up to three of your favorite comments on each of your Instagram posts. To access the Pinned Comments feature, you’ll have to first make sure you’ve updated your Instagram app to the latest version. …

How do I pin a comment on someone else’s post?

When you find a comment you want to pin, just swipe to the left where you’ve previously seen a handful of options including reporting, deleting, and replying. Now, you’ll see a thumbtack icon allowing you to pin the comment. You’re able to pin up to three comments per post.

How do you pin a comment to the top on Facebook?

To remove a comment and pin a new one, tap X on the pinned comment and then select the next comment you want to pin. If a user deletes a comment that was pinned the comment will be removed from the broadcast.

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Why can’t I pin my own comment?

Unlike YouTube, you cannot pin your own comment on an Instagram post made by you. Instagram only allows you to pin other people’s comments so that they always stay at the top of the comment thread on your posts. … There are a lot of Instagram users and influencers who like to follow up on a post with a comment.

Can I pin a comment on Facebook?

You can pin a comment to the bottom of your video during a Facebook Live broadcast. Pinned comments can help shape the conversation by showing your audience what you want to talk about.

How do you pin a comment on Facebook on a phone?

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  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap Live.
  3. Tap Go Live.
  4. Tap Pin this comment.

How do you make a pinned comment on Facebook?

How to pin a post on a Facebook Group on mobile

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Tap the three horizontal line icon button in the bottom right and then select “Groups.”
  3. Select “Your Groups.”
  4. Tap “See All” underneath “Groups You Manage” and then select the group where you want to pin a post.

What is comment ranking on Facebook?

The comment ranking setting is automatically turned on for all Pages. This means that the most relevant comments will appear first below your posts. Comments from friends or verified profiles and Pages as well as comments with the most likes or replies will appear at the top by default.

What does pinned mean in slang?

pin something on someone, Informal. to ascribe the blame or guilt for something to a person; show someone to be culpable: They pinned the crime on him.

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What does pinned mean on Facebook?

About Pinned Posts. When you pin a post: The post will move to the top of your Page’s timeline. will appear on the post. Note: You can’t pin a post on your personal timeline.

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