Best answer: What information is WhatsApp going to share with Facebook?

While WhatsApp won’t share a user’s contacts or chats with Facebook, the Facebook-owned messaging app will share a user’s profile data with Facebook after the user communicates with a business on WhatsApp.

How do I stop WhatsApp from sharing data on Facebook?

If you don’t want to share your WhatsApp data with Facebook, untick the box. If you have agreed to the new policy: You still have 30 days to opt out of this sharing attempt. Go to Settings > Account > Share my account info, and again, untick the box.

What data is Facebook collecting from WhatsApp?

The information we share with the other Facebook Companies includes your account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data (for example, if you use Facebook Pay or Shops in WhatsApp), service-related information, information on how you interact with businesses when using our Services, …

Can Facebook see my WhatsApp messages?

We can’t see your personal messages or hear your calls, and neither can Facebook: Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your messages or hear your calls with your friends, family, and co-workers on WhatsApp. … That’s because your personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption.

Is Facebook and WhatsApp linked?

WhatsApp is one of the Facebook Companies. The Facebook Companies include, among others, Facebook, Facebook Technologies, and WhatsApp, and together offer the Facebook Company Products.

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How do I unlink WhatsApp from Facebook and iPhone 2020?

On iOS, tap the Settings tab in the lower right corner. Select Account. Tap the check mark to the right of Share my account info. To disable the feature, tap Don’t Share.

What data is WhatsApp collecting?

It’s the only leading secure messenger that harvests “data linked to you,” including your device ID, for “developer’s advertising and marketing.” It also collects your contact info, user ID and device ID for ominously vague “other purposes.” Other messengers collect your data to tailor functionality.

Does WhatsApp share your contacts?

It’s important to note that WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook. … We don’t store these phone numbers and only process them momentarily to create cryptographic hash values which enable us to more efficiently connect you with these contacts if they join WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp chat private?

Is WhatsApp private? Many of WhatsApp features make it private—the end-to-end encryption means that messages and file exchanges are “private,” meaning between the sender and the receiver. The messages are not stored on WhatsApp’s server except for one exception.

Can other apps read WhatsApp messages?

Google Assistant can now read messages from third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp. Google Assistant, available on Android devices, can now read texts on third-party apps, including WhatsApp, and reply to them.

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