Best answer: How do I find my archive post on Facebook?

Where do I find my archive post on Facebook?

To get there on the web version of Facebook, click on the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner of your feed then choose Settings & Privacy > Activity Log. From here you can click on “Archive” in the left-hand menu to see your posts.

How do I find my archive post?

To archive a post, simply tap the three dots next to one of your posts and choose the archive option. From there, you can view your archived posts by going to your profile page and tapping the clock icon in the upper-right corner, seen below. This will present a view of all of your archived posts.

How do I unarchive a Facebook post?

How to unarchive messages on Facebook

  1. Click the gear icon in the Facebook Messenger window. Click the gear icon. …
  2. Select “Archived Chats.” Click “Archived Chats.” …
  3. Go to the chat, and respond or react to the thread, instantly undoing the archive action and moving the messages back to your primary inbox.

How do you find archived messages on the Facebook app?

Open the Facebook mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap on the Show all stories button on the home screen. On the next screen, tap on the Archive icon at the top. Here you will find all your archived stories.

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What is move to archive on Facebook?

You can archive or delete some of the content you share on Facebook, like posts, photos and videos, directly from your News Feed or your timeline. From each post, you can choose to: Move to Archive. When you move content to your Archive, it’ll only be visible to you.

Where can I find archive in Messenger?

Once you’re in the Chats screen, click the settings icon (the little gear next to the large “Messenger” label) to reveal another dropdown menu. 4. From the dropdown menu, click “Archived Threads.” You will then be taken to your archived conversations, which you can read as you like.

How can I see my deleted posts on Facebook?

To retrieve the post you just deleted, navigate to More > Activity Log, and then tap Trash from the top menu. You’ll see any posts deleted within the past 30 days via Manage Activity. Tap a post you want to recover and then tap Restore.

How can I unhide posts on Facebook?

To unhide a post on Facebook, select the Activity Log from the three-dotted menu near your cover photo. Once in your Activity Log, unhide a post on Facebook by clicking the “Filter” link and choosing the “Hidden from timeline” option. You can unhide a post on Facebook in both the mobile app and in any web browser.

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