You asked: How do you get the thumbnail of a YouTube video on Facebook?

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Why is my YouTube thumbnail not showing up on Facebook?

When you compose a Facebook status that includes a link, Facebook also posts the link title, description and a thumbnail image from the destination website. … Therefore when sharing a YouTube link, deselect the check box labeled “No Thumbnail” under the status update box to ensure the video shows up.

How do I change the thumbnail of my YouTube video on Facebook?

To choose your own thumbnail image:

In the Media section, click Edit Video. Choose Thumbnail from the menu on the left side. Click Manual. Choose a thumbnail from the options or click Upload to use your own.

How do I get the thumbnail of a video on Facebook?

All you will need is just to insert your video link,facebook and youtube, but you can modify to add other sources. simply copy the youtube video link in the addres bar and for for facebook, right click on the video and click on show video url, then copy that.

Why can’t I see YouTube thumbnails?

That said, if youtube thumbnails not showing, all you can see is a dull grey square. In this case, the problem can be caused by some factors such as cache and cookies, bug, add-on, extension, etc. Most of them caused by the setting on your device and on Youtube itself.

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Why is there no thumbnail on Facebook link?

If you have added the right thumbnail, and Facebook is still not showing the right thumbnail, then the issue is related to caching. … After that, you need to reset the cache in Facebook using their debug tool. The Facebook debug tool is the easiest way to troubleshoot Facebook thumbnail issues.

How do I change the thumbnail on a Facebook link?

Right-click inside the “Update Status” box at the top of your Facebook wall and select “Paste” from the context menu. Your link is entered into the status box and the Facebook system automatically scans for a thumbnail image.

How do I change the thumbnail on a video?

Add a thumbnail to your video

  1. In the YouTube Studio app, tap Menu then Videos.
  2. Select the video you want to edit the thumbnail for.
  3. Tap Edit .
  4. Tap Edit thumbnail.
  5. Select your thumbnail: …
  6. Confirm your thumbnail selection and tap Select.
  7. Tap Save.

Why is my YouTube thumbnail different on Facebook?

This issue happens when a YouTube video is added to a post before the video has finished processing. … Sometimes, even after the video is finished processing and is public, it may still have an outdated title, description, or thumbnail. This issue will eventually fix itself once Facebook or Twitter updates its cache.