Why Instagram reels is not working in UAE?

If you don’t see Reels your camera or in Explore, it’s possible that the feature has not rolled out to your account yet. It’s also possible that your phone or the Instagram app hasn’t been updated in a while. You can update your phone by going into your phone’s settings and seeing if there’s an update available.

Is Instagram reels available in UAE?

Yes, guys, Instagram Reels is available in the UAE. No, you ain’t dreaming- after rolling music for Facebook and Insta stories a few days ago, Instagram has now made Reels available in the UAE.

How do I get reels on Instagram in UAE?

Instagram Reels is now available in the UAE. Just head to Instagram and hit the camera app to start ‘reeling’.

Why reel is not working in my Instagram?

It could be that you haven’t updated your Instagram app in a while or the accumulation of app cache could be yet another reason why Instagram Reels is not working. You can try clearing the app cache (Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear cache).

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How do I enable reels on Instagram?

To use the Reels, you must upgrade your app to the most recent edition. Then scroll down 4-5 times in the search section until you see the reels option.

Is Instagram reels in Dubai?

DUBAI: Instagram today launched its short-form video-sharing feature, Reels, in the Middle East following a global announcement in August last year. … Users can film and edit up to 30-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects and new tools. Users can also share Reels with their followers on the feed.

Which countries are reels available?

Instagram first launched Reels ads in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia back in April, before expanding them to brands in Canada, France, the UK and the US late last month.

Which country has Instagram reels?

Last June, Instagram officially revealed it had extended testing Reels in France and Germany. Reels debuted in the U.S., along with more than 50 other countries, last August, and shopping was added to the feature last December.

Why my reels are not getting views?

Most likely that was all done intentionally so that you had more to look at. When you add captions and/or text to your Instagram Reels, they actually get more views because people are watching them over and over again.

Why are my reels only 15 seconds?

At the time Reels was introduced, videos could only be 15 seconds long. This was later doubled to 30 seconds. This change allows creators more time to produce different types of content for viewers, and will boost engagement.

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Did Instagram remove reels?

Instagram Explore page has changed. The Explore feed is now removed from its original position at the bottom and has been replaced with a dedicated reels tab. … Continue reading the article to know about this Instagram explore page update.

How do you make a reel longer than 30 seconds?

To access this feature, navigate to create a new Reel, then press the down button on the left side of the screen to reveal the menu. Tap “length” to toggle among options to create a 15-second, 30-second or 60-second Reel.

When should you post your reels on Instagram?

Generally, Mondays and Thursdays are be the best days to post, with any time other than 3pm to 4pm being a good time. Posting slightly before people are on their phones and on the go is smart, with some studies showing that Thursdays and Fridays at 5am tend to be great for post engagement.

How do you post a 30-second reel on Instagram?

How to share longer reels on your Instagram Story

  1. Install the “Instagram Media Saver” shortcut. …
  2. Go to “Reels” and open the reel you want to post as a story. …
  3. Tap the ellipsis button (3-dot icon) at the bottom-right corner.
  4. Tap “Share to…” and select “Instagram Media Saver” from the Share sheet.