Why does my camera roll not show up on Instagram?

What’s happening is that Instagram has not updated their app to support the iCloud Photo Library so it only see images that are actually on the device. The images only on iCloud are invisible to it.

Why won’t Instagram show my camera roll?

First of all, if you haven’t done it yet, go to settings and enable the “access to camera roll, images..” for Instagram. If this didn’t work, and you still can’t access your camera roll from instagram, you can try going to your gallery, click “share” and then Instagram stories. It should probably work from there.

How do I get my camera roll back on Instagram?

How to save your Instagram photos to camera roll

  1. Go to your profile page and tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the top right corner. …
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom of the menu and select ‘Account. …
  3. Select ‘Original Photos’ and tap the toggle button next to ‘Save Original Photos.

How do I link my camera roll to Instagram?

Once you’ve accessed your Stories, swipe up to see content from your Instagram camera roll. From here, simply choose and add a photo or video from the camera roll in Instagram Story.

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Why is Instagram only showing 18 posts?

The reason you may see a limited number of photos in your feed is because it shows recent photos shared by people you follow. Some of the photos you may have seen in feed when you first signed up for Instagram are no longer shown here because they’re older and have been replaced by new photos.

Why can’t I save my Instagram story to my camera roll?

If you are facing issues while saving photo to your phone, then make sure that you have turned ON the “Save Original Photos” setting on your phone. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Instagram app. You can save filtered photos to camera roll after they have been uploaded to Instagram.

Do I need to backup Instagram on iCloud?

A: The short answer is that the only reason you need to include an app in your iCloud backups is to preserve that application’s data and configuration settings. … Whether an app needs to be backed up to iCloud or not depends entirely on the type of data it stores, and whether that data is stored only on your device.

Can Instagram see my camera roll?

Yes, it has access to your camera roll, but at least it doesn’t automatically prompt you to add all your images in your Photo Library. And your followers can’t see the stuff that remains on your device.

How do you add videos from your camera roll to Instagram?

Uploading a video to Instagram Stories

Once it’s there, simply create a new Story by tapping on “Your Story” in the top left corner of the app and then clicking on the + to add a new story. Tap on your camera roll, select the video and it’ll be added to your story.

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Why can’t I upload photos on Instagram?

One typical reason why people are suddenly unable to upload photos on Instagram is that something has gone wrong with the cache memory that Instagram has stored on your phone. Though cookie is not the only reason why you can’t upload photos on Instagram, there can be additional causes for this particular problem.

Why do Instagram notifications not work?

If you are not getting Instagram notifications, also try clearing the storage and cache data for your Instagram app. Perhaps the stored cache is corrupted or getting too much and becoming unneeded for the app to run smoothly. Here, clearing the cache and storage data could help.

What do you do if your Instagram is not working?

Close and re-open Instagram

If Instagram has no general issues, then the problem might emerge from a software discrepancy. Try closing the Instagram app and re-opening it again. You could also try logging out and logging back in.