Why can’t I see comments on Facebook ads?

Go to your Ads Manager. Click the All Campaigns dropdown, and then select All Ads. Click on the name of the ad you’d like to preview. You should now see a preview of your ad on the right side.

How do you see comments on Facebook ads?

To see the comments on your Facebook ad, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Select the All Campaigns dropdown, and click on All Ads.
  3. Select the ad you want to check for comments. Click on it to show the Ad Preview.
  4. Click View post permalink with comments.

How do I manage comments on Facebook 2020 ads?

Open Facebook Ads Manager, and find the dark post you want to review. Then click the Edit link below the ad name to open the side panel, and click the Preview icon. Ads Manager automatically takes you to the dark post, so you can read and respond to all the comments.

How do you see post reactions on Facebook ads?

View Insights About Reactions to Your Ad

  1. Click the Columns dropdown and then select Customize Columns.
  2. In the search bar, type Post Reactions. A result for Post Reactions should appear, check the box next to it and click Apply.
  3. Next, click Breakdown > By Action > Post Reaction Type.
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Can you switch off comments on Facebook ads?

You can use Facebook Page moderation to disable comments under all your ads and organic posts using keywords. Go to Facebook Page Settings > General > Page Moderation and type in the most popular words like “do”, “to”, “you”, etc.

How do I manage comments on Facebook?

To change who can comment on your public posts:

  1. Click. in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Public Posts on the left.
  4. Go to Who Can Follow Me and make sure Public is selected.
  5. Click Edit next to Public Post Comments.
  6. Select who is allowed to comment on your public posts:

Should you reply to Facebook comments?

When a person takes the time to comment on your post, it’s always a wise idea to reply to that comment. It makes that person feel important — and it shows the rest of your fans that you take their comments seriously. Also, by replying you can often get the person to comment again, which boosts the post’s reach.

Should you respond to comments on Facebook ads?

The simple rule to avoid this problem is to: reply to the comments people leave on your Facebook ads. Of course, it may be a simple rule, but in practice you need to have a social setup where you can stay on top of such things. Not all comments are instantly detectable.

Can I see who clicked on my Facebook ad?

Facebook Ad Reporting 101: You Can’t Access Everything

Facebook will not provide you with a list of users who’ve clicked on your ads. Nowhere in your Facebook Ads Manager will you see a column with all the people who’ve seen and click on a link, that’s just not how their tracking system works.

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What is a post reaction on Facebook ad?

A reaction is a response to a Facebook post or ad in which a person chooses one of several emoticons (Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry) to indicate their feelings about the content of a post or ad.

Where is the reactions section on Facebook?

Go to the post or comment you want to react to. Hover over Like and choose a reaction. The most popular reactions appear below the post or comment as icons (example: ).

Can you moderate comments on Facebook ads?

There are two ways you can moderate comments on your Facebook ads – manually (actively) and automatically (preventatively).

Why are some comments filtered out?

It is because some fairies report what they believe to be ‘offensive’ messages being posted. Facebook then filters them out if the comment is not strong enough to cause blocking the original poster. the comment which is filtered all scams or advertisement.