Which YouTube app is best for laptop?

Is there a YouTube app for laptops?

Hit Download and open up YouTube Desktop App on your Windows platform Desktop or Laptop.

Which YouTube app is best for PC?

Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

  • myTube.
  • Pro Tube.
  • Awesome Tube.
  • Perfect Tube.
  • Tubecast for YouTube.

What is the best YouTube app for Windows 10?

Awesome Tube is one of the best YouTube apps for Windows 10 with few minor quirks. Talking about the features, you can find almost anything except the option to change the video quality while watching a video.

How do I get YouTube on Windows 10?

To install the YouTube app on Windows 10, use these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
  2. Open YouTube website.
  3. Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) button in the top-right corner.
  4. Select the Apps submenu.
  5. Click the Install YouTube option. YouTube app install Windows 10.
  6. Click the Install button.

How do I use YouTube on my laptop?

On your computer, in a Chrome web browser, go to youtube.com. Select the video you want to watch and click the Cast icon in the video player. Select the device you want to cast to and wait for it to connect. Once connected, the video will play on your TV.

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How do I download a YouTube video to my computer without an app?

How to Download YouTube Videos without Any Software: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. YouTubeMP4. This online tool is one of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos without any software. …
  2. SaveTube. …
  3. Savefrom.net. …
  4. Catchvideo. …
  5. Clipconverter.cc. …
  6. Converto. …
  7. YouTubNow. …
  8. SConverter.com.

How do I install apps on my laptop?

Get apps from Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 PC

  1. Go to the Start button, and then from the apps list select Microsoft Store.
  2. Visit the Apps or Games tab in Microsoft Store.
  3. To see more of any category, select Show all at the end of the row.
  4. Select the app or game you’d like to download, and then select Get.

Is there a YouTube Windows app?

An official YouTube app for Windows 10 appears to have shown up in the Microsoft Store. … The app is a UWP app and does not appear to be a wayward version of the Xbox app, and according to ALumia is not a Progressive Web App.

Does Windows 10 have YouTube?

It appears Google has quietly published a new package of its existing Xbox YouTube app with support for Windows 10. The new beta app version 1.2. 97.0, which is currently hidden, was available for Xbox consoles only, but a new update for the app introduces support for desktop too, thanks to the UWP platform.

Can you get YouTube on your computer?

If you’re using a computer, just go to tv.youtube.com and log in. If you’re using a phone or tablet, just open the YouTube TV app to start streaming. Note that you do need to be connected to Wi-Fi or using cellular data to use the YouTube TV app.

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Is there a desktop version of YouTube?

If you need to access the desktop version of YouTube, do this: Open Firefox and visit YouTube.com. Tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Tap on ‘Request Desktop Site.

Is there a better YouTube app?

5 Best YouTube App Alternatives for Android Phone

  1. NewPipe. Price: Free. This Freeware, open source app is basically a lighter version of the YouTube app that doesn’t require any Google Play services to run smoothly. …
  2. OGYouTube. Price: Free. …
  3. YouTube GO. Price: Free. …
  4. FlyTube APK. Price: Free. …
  5. iTube. Price: Free.