What was the longest twitter trend?

The longest running trend on Twitter is Inception, which trended for 39 days The 2nd longest trend was #worldcup, which ran for 21 days :O.

What was the biggest hashtag on Twitter?

The current record for the most used hashtag in 24 hours on Twitter is 60,055,339 >

What is the most popular hashtag ever?

However, at the time of writing this post the most popular Instagram hashtags were #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #tbt, #like4like, and #followme.

Who got highest tweets in world?

As of August 2021, the top tweet has over 4.1 million retweets and was tweeted by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

What is the most famous tweet?

The most re-tweeted tweet of all time was posted by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa on January 5, 2019. The entrepreneur offered one million yen each to 100 randomly selected people who retweeted the message and followed his account.

What is the most searched thing on twitter?

The Most Searched Twitter Keywords Listed

Rank Twitter Keywords Global Monthly Search
1 how to delete twitter account 60,500
2 how to deactivate twitter 33,100
3 how to use twitter 27,100
4 who unfollowed me on twitter 18,100

What is trending in twitter today?

Twitter Trends – India

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Rank Trending Topic / Hashtag Tweet Volume
1. #AppleEvent 121K Tweets 121K
3. #हाथरस_की_बेटी_को_न्याय_कब 18.5K Tweets 18.5K
4. #RejectNEP Under 10K Tweets Under 10K
5. #ShameOnBJPGovt Under 10K Tweets Under 10K

What hashtags are trending on TikTok?

Top 10 HashTags on Tiktok

  • #foryou. 1.898T.
  • #foryoupage. 1.097T.
  • #fyp. 1.025T.
  • #duet. 880.1B.
  • #tiktok. 558.7B.
  • #viral. 450.6B.
  • #tiktokindia. 369.6B.
  • #trending. 346.7B.