What does manage follow settings mean on Facebook?

Facebook Adds New Page Follow Settings to Control Which Updates You See. Published Aug. 14, 2020. Facebook is looking to give users more control over the specific posts and updates they see from each Page they choose to follow, with a new listing of advanced Page follow options appearing for some users.

What is manage follow settings on Facebook?

The new Facebook Page follow settings allow users to set their posts’ notifications based on their preference. For marketers, this is a challenge to be more creative in making content to excite users to subscribe to them. You can start by telling a brand story through original videos.

What is the difference between following and friends on Facebook?

Facebook Help Team

When you add someone as a friend, you automatically follow that person, and they automatically follow you. This means you may see each other’s posts in News Feed. When you follow someone who you’re not friends with, you’ll see posts that they’ve shared publicly in your News Feed.

Can my friends see who I follow on Facebook?

The people you follow can see that you’re following them. To change who else can see the people, Pages and lists you’re following: Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook. Click Friends.

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How do I change my follow settings on Facebook?

Select Settings. Click Followers on the left sidebar. Select Everybody from the drop-down menu next to the Who Can Follow Me section. Adjust the settings to your liking for Follower Comments and Notifications.

How do I control what I see on Facebook?

Your News Feed preferences help you control what you see on your News Feed. Tap in the top right of Facebook. Scroll down, then tap Settings. Scroll down, then tap News Feed Preferences.

How do I set my Facebook to follow only?

Go to Account Settings » Under Privacy, Set “Who can send me friend requests” to Friends of Friends so the “Add Friend” button won’t appear on people who don’t have any friends from your own friends list. They will then have the option only to follow you.

Do people know if you follow them on Facebook?

When you follow someone on Facebook, they will receive a notification, but if you unfollow that person, they will not be notified.

How can someone follow you on Facebook?

Who can follow me on Facebook?

  1. Your Facebook friends automatically follow you. …
  2. To manage who can follow you:
  3. If you let people who aren’t your friends follow you, people who send friend requests that you ignore or delete will automatically start following you.

Can you follow someone on Facebook without them knowing?

In the moment of write This article, Facebook does not officially allow you to follow a person without them knowing. Whether you decide to send him a friend request or follow his updates, you will be notified with a notification of what happened.

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When you like a page on Facebook who sees it?

“Liking” Facebook Page Categories

By default, these categories are set to Public, so when you like a Facebook Page, such as a restaurant, everyone can see it. But if you prefer, you can change these settings to restrict the audience who sees the Page categories you like.