Quick Answer: What was Facebook written in?

Websites Popularity (unique visitors per month) Back-end (Server-side)
Facebook 1,120,000,000 Hack, PHP (HHVM), Python, C++, Java, Erlang, D, XHP, Haskell
YouTube 1,100,000,000 C, C++, Python, Java, Go
Yahoo 750,000,000 PHP
Amazon 500,000,000 Java, C++, Perl

Is Facebook built on PHP?

Facebook doesn’t use PHP for its core system, at Facebook, they uses C++ heavily on back end system. … Actually it’s not the real PHP, Facebook has written alternative version of PHP that is, HipHop’s HPHP’c which help to convert PHP code into C++ which shows that FB not using PHP, but by still using PHP.

What language does Mark Zuckerberg use for Facebook?

PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, formerly Personal Home Page) is the language that Zuckerberg used to create Facebook.

What is twitter written in?

The Twitter team has moved many of the company’s most critical systems to a set of services written in Java and Scala running on the JVM.

Does NASA use Python?

The indication that Python plays an unique role in NASA came from one of NASA’s main shuttle support contractor, United Space Alliance (USA). … They developed a Workflow Automation System (WAS) for NASA which is fast, cheap and right.

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Is Facebook still using PHP 2020?

Software That Helps Facebook Scale. … Facebook still uses PHP, but it has built a compiler for it so it can be turned into native code on its web servers, thus boosting performance.

Why did Facebook stop using PHP?

The reason Facebook hasn’t migrated away from PHP is because it has incumbent inertia (it’s what’s there) and Facebook’s engineers have managed to work around many of its flaws through a combination of patches at all levels of the stack and excellent internal discipline via code convention and style – the worst …

Is hack better than PHP?

It’s akin to the productivity difference between developing websites in PHP vs. … Hack is built from the ground up to enable static type checking, with features PHP lacks like generics, shapes, enums, hack arrays, and a well-typed standard library to enable rigorous static analysis.

Does Facebook use hack?

Hack is a programming language for the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM), created by Facebook as a dialect of PHP. The language implementation is open-source, licensed under the MIT License.

Hack (programming language)

Typing discipline Static, dynamic, weak, gradual
OS Cross-platform
License MIT License
Website hacklang.org
Influenced by

Is YouTube written in Python?

YouTube – is a big user of Python, the entire site uses Python for different purposes: view video, control templates for website, administer video, access to canonical data, and many more. Python is everywhere at YouTube. code.google.com – main website for Google developers.

Is Python better than PHP?

Python is better than PHP in long term project. PHP has low learning curve, it is easy to get started with PHP. Compare to PHP Python has lower number of Frameworks. Popular ones are DJango, Flask.

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Is twitter written in Python?

Their development typically involves server-side coding, client-side coding and database technology.

Programming languages used in most popular websites.

Websites Twitter
Python No
Ruby Yes
Scala Yes

Does Google use Java?

At issue in the case is Google’s decision to use Java as the basis for its Android operating system without obtaining a license from Sun. … It chose to use Java because there were already millions of programmers familiar with the language.

Does Amazon use Java?

With its Corretto 8 Java build, Amazon Web Services is readying its own no-cost distribution of standard Java featuring long-term support, giving Java users a potential alternative to Oracle’s own Java Development Kit (JDK). The open source Corretto distribution of OpenJDK currently is in beta.