Quick Answer: Can you not change Instagram icon anymore?

When you find the Instagram icon not changing, try updating the app. It is necessary to have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your Smartphone for the feature to work. … Tap the icon to update it to the latest version.

Can I still change Instagram icon 2021?

Once you open up the Shortcuts app and create a shortcut action, you’ll want to select the three dots menu located next to the shortcut, tap it again, then tap “Add to Home Screen.” Next, tap on “Home Screen Name and Icon,” and you’ll be able to choose from any image in your camera roll to swap in for the original …

Did Instagram remove the ability to change the icon?

Instagram giving users the ability to change app icon for 10th birthday celebration. Today Instagram turns 10. … The messaging in the app says “this month,” so it’s possible Instagram removes the feature after October. Although given the hype around widgets and custom app icons, they could decide to keep them around.

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