Quick Answer: Can I use the Facebook logo on my website?

Facebook does not permit use of the full “Facebook” name logo without special permission. If you want to use the logo on your site, you need to submit a permission request form (see Resources). With this form you can also apply for special usage for all brand logos, such as placement in films on commercial products.

How do I add a Facebook icon to my website?

Open your Facebook profile page; under the left hand menu bar, select “Add a Badge to Your Site.”

What Facebook logo can I use?

“Find us on Facebook” and link to your Facebook Page, it’s appropriate to use the “f” Logo. The “f” Logo can also refer to content from Facebook or your product’s integration with Facebook. Never use the Facebook wordmark. To preserve the integrity of the “f” Logo, always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo.

Can I use Facebook logo on my business card?

Open your business card image file. Create a new layer so you can freely move the logo after you add it in without affecting any of the existing content you’ve added to the card. Then right-click anywhere on the image and click “Paste” to paste the logo onto your card.

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Does Facebook own Pinterest?

Facebook Quietly Launches Its Own Version of Pinterest, Called Hobbi | The Motley Fool.

The new logo features plain capital letters, rather than the stylized blue “f” that has long been associated with the company. “Today, we’re updating our company branding to be clearer about the products that come from Facebook,” the company said in a blog post.

Do you need permission to use social media logos?

In general, you do not need specific permission to post links to Facebook or use select Facebook logos on your site. Each Facebook icon, however, has guidelines that you must follow to comply with Facebook’s rules.

How do I make social media icons?

Design Social Media Icons Using Adobe Photoshop

  1. Get your icon. Head over to Iconfinder and download your image (I’m using Facebook as the example). …
  2. Create your template. …
  3. Make your base layer. …
  4. Design. …
  5. Color. …
  6. Add your icon. …
  7. Add cool effects. …
  8. Make it transparent.

Always make it clear both visually and in text that your site is run by you and is not run by Etsy. You may not use the Etsy Marks (for example, the Etsy logo) or a confusingly similar mark on a site that contains or promotes adult content, gambling, or otherwise violates applicable law or regulation.