Question: What apps post to Instagram?

Is there an app that automatically posts to Instagram?


Sendible is a popular social media management tool that gives you the ability to schedule images and videos directly to Instagram (and other social networks.) You can choose to schedule your posts for specific times or add them to queues to be published at predetermined intervals.

What is the best app to schedule Instagram posts?

Here’s our line-up of the best Instagram scheduling tools & apps:

  1. Sendible. Sendible has two types of Instagram scheduling. …
  2. Agorapulse. Agorapulse gives you the option to schedule single image and video posts directly to your Instagram business profile. …
  3. ContentCal. …
  4. Tailwind. …
  5. Buffer Publish. …
  6. Hootsuite. …
  7. Later.

Is there a way to automatically post to Instagram?

Auto publishing to Instagram is only available to Instagram business profiles. In order to switch, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page. … You can only schedule single photos and videos directly to Instagram. To schedule carousel posts, you will still need to use notifications.

How do you post directly on Instagram?

Once you’ve uploaded a content file, the Publish button in the bottom-right corner of the screen turns bright blue, allowing you to upload your post to Instagram. This button won’t be actionable until you’ve uploaded a content file as photo or video. If you click Publish, your post will upload to Instagram immediately.

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Can I schedule Instagram posts for free?

You can only schedule single photos and videos directly to Instagram. To schedule carousel posts or Instagram Stories, you will need to use notifications. Auto publishing to Instagram is available on all Later plans, and can be done from your desktop or the mobile app. Note: free plans cannot schedule videos.

Can I schedule posts on Instagram mobile?

From the media tab, select the media item you would like to schedule and click create post. You can edit the crop of the post and write a caption – once you are happy with your post, click Next to choose to schedule it immediately or in the future — and then click Auto or Notification!

What is the best Instagram scheduler?

List Of The Best Free Instagram Schedulers In 2020

  • Combin Scheduler.
  • Semrush.
  • Tailwind.
  • Sked Social.
  • Onlypult.
  • Later.
  • Buffer.
  • Hootsuite.