Question: How do you download multiple Instagram slides?

You can download multiple images, but only one at a time. Navigate to the URL of the image(s) you want, copy the URL, and paste it into DownloadGram. Hit the Download box and the image will be downloaded to your device for you.

How do you download a second slide on Instagram?

The easiest way is to follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to Instagram and find a carousel post you want to be downloaded.
  2. Open the carousel post.
  3. Copy its URL then open the iGram webpage.
  4. Paste the copied URL onto the indicated field on iGram.
  5. Click the Download button.

How can you save multiple videos on Instagram?

Alternatively, once posted to your Stories, you can open the Story, tap the three dot icon at the bottom of the video, and then tap Save/Photo Video. If your Story contains multiple photos and videos, you can choose Save Story to save the whole thing as a video.

How do you get full size pictures on Instagram?

Go to Instagram’s website from your browser (any browser will work), and then log in with your credentials. As you can’t click on a picture directly from your feed, visit the user’s profile, and then open the photo that you want to see. Hit Enter, and you’ll see the picture in full size.

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How can I download pictures and videos from Instagram?

How to Download All Photos From Instagram on Mobile

  1. Launch Instagram on your Android device.
  2. Go to your page settings. …
  3. Tap on “Security” from the menu.
  4. Scroll to the “Data and History” section and tap on “Download Data.”
  5. Enter your email address if it’s not already there.
  6. Tap “Request Download.”

How do you save other people’s Instagram stories?

To save their Instagram Stories on your smartphone, just tap on their name and you will see all the Instagram Stories (whether photo or video) in a grid format. Now just tap on any of those Instagram Stories and then tap on ‘Save’. Once you tap on ‘Save’, that Instagram Story will be downloaded on your smartphone.

Can you copy videos from Instagram?

Go into the Instagram app. On the video post you want to save, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. 3. In the pop-up, click “Copy Link.” Then, go into the Video Downloader for Instagram app and paste the link to begin the download.

How do I download pictures and videos from Instagram to my computer?

How to download images from Instagram — PC

  1. Visit Instagram’s website and find the image you want to download.
  2. Click the “…” icon (three horizontal dots), which will bring up a few options.
  3. Select the “Go to post” option and then copy the URL of the page.
  4. Visit DownloadGram’s website at

How do you save someone else’s Instagram video to your camera roll?

Just follow the steps below to download Instagram photos and videos on Android:

  1. Install Video Downloader app for Instagram.
  2. Copy Instagram picture or video link and paste it into Video Downloader.
  3. Then tap Download and wait for a couple of seconds till the process is completed.
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How can I download high quality pictures from Instagram?

Just navigate to Instagram on your desktop, and find the picture you want to download, copy it’s URL. Now go to DownloadGram’s website, and input the URL into the box with the auto-generated Instagram link. Now just click the Download button, and then click on the resulting Download Picture button to save your image.

How do you download pictures from Instagram to your computer?

Download Instagram photos to a PC or Mac

  1. Login to get started. (Image: © Joseph Foley on Instagram) …
  2. Get the download link via email. (Image: © Joseph Foley on Instagram) …
  3. Download your data. (Image: © Joseph Foley on Instagram) …
  4. Find the image source. …
  5. Copy the code. …
  6. Save to collection. …
  7. View and edit your images. …
  8. Go to post.